Narcolepsy At A Glance!!

By Hiva J. Kenyon

The term Narcolepsy derives from a French word “narcolepsie” which consists of Greek words, “narke” meaning numbness and “lepsis” meaning attack. Narcolepsy is really a chronic sleep disorder, characterized by excessive urge to sleep in inappropriate hours of daytime or at function. Individuals with Narcolepsy typically knowledge disturbed nocturnal sleep and an abnormal daytime sleep pattern which affects their work and life-style. This disorder is many-a-times confused with “insomnia” but the symptoms are very various.

Narcolepsy is a disorder of the Central Nervous Technique which causes excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS) as the primary symptom. Professionals think that it really is brought on because of decreased production of a protein known as “hypocretin” by brain, responsible for controlling appetite and sleep patterns and is genetic in nature, although the root cause for less production of this protein just isn’t known till date. Most people with this expertise trouble sleeping at night, some fall asleep suddenly, even when they’re in the middle of operating or talking or even eating.

The typical symptoms of Narcolepsy incorporate the following-
1. EDS: Excessive Daytime Symptoms even after getting adequate night sleep, periods of extreme drowsiness throughout daytime or function hours, which might be followed by a brief sleep/ nap or sleep attack.
2. Cataplexy: Sudden loss of muscle tone although awake, resulting inside the inability to move. It really is a episodic condition which may possibly range from slight weakness to total body collapse, triggered by sudden emotional reactions like laughter, anger, surprise or fear which may possibly last for couple of minutes.
3. Sleep paralysis: It is when you are unable to move if you initial wake up.
4. Dream-like hallucinations: Commonly when a person initial falls asleep, the brain waves turn out to be slower and much less typical and this sleep-state is named Non rapid eye movement sleep (NREM). Soon after about 90 min or so, the brain waves show far more active pattern, that is referred to as the REM or Rapid- eye movement sleep. In Narcolepsy, this pattern of sleep is disturbed and REM sleep occurs in the sleep onset as opposed to right after a period of NREM sleep.
Narcolepsy affects men and women of both sexes equally, at a young age/ teenage and is rare in young children below 5 years of age. It really is estimated that about three million men and women about the globe are affected by this disorder, prevalence getting 1 per 2000 persons.

Tests for Diagnosis:
1. ECG to measure heart’s electrical activity
2. EEG to measure brain activity
3. Monitoring of breathing pattern
4. Genetic testing to find narcolepsy gene
5. Sleep study tests (Polysomnogram) and Many Sleep Latency test (MSLT)

Treatment is tailored to individual, according to symptoms and therapeutic response. Although there’s no remedy to Narcolepsy, the symptoms might be controlled by right medication and lifestyle modification. Appropriate planning of light meals and structuring of sleep-wake up cycles and adjustments of naps (10-15 minutes) can be made to stay away from sudden sleep attacks. Behavioral approaches may possibly contain suitable exercise, occupational, marriage and family counseling.

Appropriate medication also plays an essential role in improving this chronic condition. The stimulant drug “modafinil” (Provigil) is frequently the very first selection for Narcolepsic patients. Other drugs could include some anti-depressants like fluoxetine, paroxetine, clomipramine, to name a couple of and Sodium oxybate (Xyrem) oral resolution.

Complications of this disorder may incorporate injuries and accidents, impaired functioning at workplace and social activities. But with correct medication and care this might be managed well. There are numerous famous faces inside the world who suffered from this disorder, namely, Arthur Lowe, Jimmy Kimmel, Nicole Jeray, George Church and 1 should not be dis-heartened if suffering from Narcolepsy.

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Narcolepsy At A Glance!!