Non-slip Sports Headband – Ideal for Running, Biking and Fitness Work-outs

It is tough to discover a good summer athletic sweatband these days many are double layered which is great for the winter season, but as the days get warmer it is good to be able to wear a light-weight sweatband to keep the sweat off my face. I have been searching for a while to discover a thinner sweatband which was going to help during my high impact workouts over the summer. Then just the other day I stumbled across the Rosella Racer athletic sweatband on (love the money back assurance and naturally the quick shipping) and I thought I would give them the sweatband a go. I had no concept how amazing they would be I love them!<br><br>I do a great deal of high impact workouts and finding a athletic sweatband that isn't too thick and does not feel like I am over heating is tough to discover. This athletic sweatband certainly went beyond expectations and the great thing it was also machine washable, I do not want to need to worry about hand washing as soon as I complete exercising. So the fact I can simply toss it into the washing machine is an added bonus. I was a little concerned about the sports headband losing it shape after being cleaned several times. But I can happily report that it keeps its form, color and elasticity after being cleaned.<br><br>My head has a little bit of a funny shape to it and I had not been sure if the athletic sweatband was going to sit tight on my head during my high impact workouts. There is absolutely nothing worse than exercising and having to fumble with your sweaty athletic sweatband to keep it in place. However this athletic sweatband appears to be able to do it all, if you wear the athletic sweatband part way down your forehead on your hairline, it not only sits tight but gathers the sweat as it falls from your brow.<br><br>The great feature of this athletic sweatband is also its flexibility – you can wear it thick or thin over the ears or under the ears making it great to keep my ears warm on cooler days and wicking away the sweat on warmer days. Plus Red Dust Active has an enjoyable color variety to pick from royal, aqua, blossom, gray and powder pink.<br><br>Buying on is so easy. I love that you can discover everything in one location and the service is extraordinary. I also got follow up e-mails from Red Dust Active to verify that I had received the athletic sweatband and to guarantee I am completely satisfied with the purchase. Did I also discuss that the company is Australian and I love that they manufacture in Australia which offers me confidence in the production environment.<br><br>It is the little things that make the difference when buying a product and even though the athletic sweatband was a small purchase, the entire experience left me genuinely impressed. If you are in the marketplace for aathletic sweatband, I would encourage you to click the link listed below to buy a couple now. I guarantee you will love them as much as I do. They also make the best present.<br><br><img src=”” border=”0″><br><br>Start your exercise right! Stay focused on the finish line and keep your eye on the prize, not your headband!<br><br>The Rosella Racer is made to be worn on the move. It is the best companion for your active lifestyle to keep the hair out of your eyes and the sweat from your brow. Whether you are going for a jog, exercising down the health club, biking, trekking, cross-fitting or simply chilling out, the soft stretch material is not only comfy but you will barely notice you are wearing it.<br><br>For a non-slip and snug fit, wear the headband midway down your forehead, it will hug the contour of your head and sit tight throughout the most exhausting of workouts!<br><br>Need more convincing? Here are 5 Outstanding Reasons You Should Own The Rosella Racer Headband:<br><br>* STREAMLINED DESIGN<br>Created for flexibility, performance and usefulness guaranteeing supreme comfort and optimum durability for your active lifestyle.<br><br>* HIGH EFFICIENCY<br>Quality material made from 50 % Polyester, 38 % Nylon, 12 % Spandex making them light-weight, breathable, moisture wicking and machine washable. Wash away the sweat and hang out to dry.<br><br>* CONSERVES YOU MONEY IN ITS VERSATILITY<br>Multi-seasonal the perfect cold, windy and warm weather companion. Keeps ears snug in the cold and helps wick sweat away in the warm.<br><br>* AUSTRALIAN MADE<br>Confidence in the quality of the headbands and the production environment.<br><br>* THOUGHTFUL PRESENT<br>A great day is when you get to be active. A terrific day is when we influence somebody else to be active – the best present to motivate your loved ones to discover their active.<br><br>DISCOVER YOUR ACTIVE, Scroll up and click the yellow ADD to CART button NOW<br><br><a href=”” target=’_blank’>Click this link for more on this Sports headbands product</a>

Non slip Sports Headband   Ideal for Running, Biking and Fitness Work outs