Nutrifix Portion Control Containers – 7 Piece Set – Dishwasher and Microwave Approved

The best way to develop a healthy lifestyle is through fitness and a healthy diet. Too many times, people try to do some crazy fad diet or something so unrealistic that it's impossible to follow through. Nutrifix is helping people reach their goals through simple fitness, simple meal planning, and cultivating a healthy lifestyle. (Not only a temporary fix.) <br><br>Nutrifix portion control containers provide simple meal prep. The color of the lid shows the type of food that should be filled with and the sizes of each container make it easy to see how much of that kind of food should be consumed. <br><br>Nutrifix provides 7 different containers in 6 different colors. The green container is for veggies; purple is for fruit; red is for proteins; yellow is for starches; blue is for grains, and the two orange containers are for seeds, nuts, and dressings. By using these useful containers, it is easy to see how much food should be eaten at a time. This way, it is not necessary to keep track of calories or weigh the food to make sure it's the right amount. <br><br>Nutrifix provides a simple daily caloric intake calculator on their website. This shows the target calories needed every day. After this, Nutrifix automatically shows how many of each container should be eaten each day and gives healthy recipe tips using the container measurements. <br><br><img src=”” border=”0″><br><br>Portion Control Containers <br>Nutrifix Portion Control Containers are used for simple meal planning and a developing a healthy lifestyle. Our portion control containers are color coded so that you know exactly how much food to put in each one. We provide a useful Ebook full of delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks that you're sure to love. <br> <br> <br>Why buy Nutrifix Portion Control Containers? <br> * Color Coded: Green- Vegetables, Purple- Fruit, Red- Protein, Blue- Health Fats, Yellow- Carbs, Orange- Nuts, Seeds and Oils <br> * GREAT QUALITY – BPA FREE and Dishwasher safe. 100% Leak Proof! <br> * Great alternative and a better price then other Portion Control products. <br> * Comes with a FREE recipe eBook to help get you started. <br> * The Containers stack neatly inside each other for easy storage. <br> * Money Back Guarantee! We believe in our products by offering a no-questions-asked money back guarantee. <br> <br> <br>Container Sizes: <br>Green – Vegetables – 10.5 oz <br> Purple – Fruit – 10.5 oz <br> Red – Healthy Protein – 6.2 oz <br> Yellow – Carbs – 4.25 oz <br> Blue – Nuts – 2.1 oz <br> Orange – Seeds, Oils and Dressings – 1 oz <br><br><br><a href=”” target=’_blank’>Keep reading about this Portion Control product</a>

Nutrifix Portion Control Containers   7 Piece Set   Dishwasher and Microwave Approved