Our Green Yoga Block Increases Your Flexibility and Enhances Alignment & Improves Posture

If you are looking for an awesome versatile yoga block for your yoga practice, check out the Green Yoga Block. This amazing Eco-friendly Yoga Block developed to improve flexibility, alignment, and posture. The product has 4, 6, and 9 inch adjustable heights, offering three levels of difficulty. This versatile block supports you in your yoga poses of any kind during each yoga session.<br><br>Each eco-friendly yoga block has a non-slip surface, lowering the risks for accidents and injuries during yoga. A high-density EVA recycled foam provides firm support and makes the yoga block better for the environment. The light-weight construction also showcases beveled edges, further adding to its use and benefit.<br><br>Developed for safety and comfort, the product is also cleanable. That prevents germs from being absorbed and growing in the product while extending its useful life expectancy. The product can be used over and over again without needing to worry about germs or risks to your health.<br><br>In addition, the high-density foam supports you in any yoga pose. By increasing flexibility and alignment, you can decrease your risk of injuries from being tight and not flexible. If the body is not flexible it can lead to injury. It therefore makes any yoga session and overall practice with our block more effective and helpful while helping one reach their physical fitness goals.<br><br>Master of Yoga backs the Green Yoga Block with the very same Lifetime Warranty as with all its other quality premium products. It has a shipping weight of 6.6 ounces. Readily available now for $9.99 this offer is just temporary. Shipping is free on all orders over $35.<br><br>More info about the environment-friendly Green Yoga Block is readily available now online, including its benefits to your overall fitness, safety features, and how it makes yoga practice more effective. <br><br><center><img src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41lT5jpBqEL._SL160_.jpg” border=”0″></center><br><br>Improve Your Yoga Practice With Our Yoga Block Now! <br>- Are you trying to gain more flexibility?<br>- Do you want to improve your alignment and posture in your poses and get stronger?<br>- Are you searching for a firm and more stable eco-friendly yoga block?<br><br>Presenting Your Very Own &quot;Master of Yoga&quot; Green Yoga Block to the Rescue!<br>- Designed to help enhance your flexibility and improve your alignment for a more powerful toned body.<br>- Good for the environment made from high density EVA recycled foam for a stable firm support.<br>- Light-weight, simple to clean, safety &amp; comfort with beveled edges and non-slip surface.<br>- Three levels of difficulty (4&quot;,6&quot; &amp; 9&quot;) yoga blocks making your poses more intense and rewarding.<br><br>Amazon Purchasers Trust Our Master Of Yoga Brand to be Quality Premium Products.<br><br>You are Backed by Our Lifetime Guarantee too!<br><br>We Can Not Guarantee This Special Pricing, So Make Sure To Click the Link Below &amp; Buy Your Green Yoga Block Now!<br><br><center><a href=”http://www.amazon.com/Yoga-Master-Flexibility-Difficulty-Satisfying/dp/B00YBCUETA” target=’_blank’>Learn more about this at http://www.amazon.com/Yoga-Master-Flexibility-Difficulty-Satisfying/dp/B00YBCUETA/Yoga Block/</a></center>

Our Green Yoga Block Increases Your Flexibility and  Enhances Alignment & Improves Posture