Kinesiology tape has actually been utilized by sports around the world to enhance their efficiency and to promote healing. But this product is for everybody!<br><br>My very first experience with 5KTAPE was during to my chiropractic practitioner. I have actually had persistent back and neck pain for many years. A few months back, my physician used the tape on my back to enhance the blood flow and informed me to reapply every couple of days for 7 to 10 days. What a BIG enhancement! My back finally begun to feel great once again.<br><br>Considering that I acquire numerous products on Amazon, I bought 5KTAPE from the website. I am a huge Amazon fan! They have fast delivery and provide an excellent return policy.<br>I also wished to acquire at least 2 rolls of tape for an excellent price so the 2 pack was just exactly what I was looking for.<br><br>After the excellent results I got utilizing 5KTAPE on my back, I have actually utilized it for numerous<br>other locations on my body. When I sprained my ankle playing a baseball game, I covered it with the tape and it provided my ankle the support it needed to heal. I have a desk job that involves hours of sitting and when I use the tape on my neck area I get much needed relief.<br><br>My 9 year old child utilized 5KTAPE on her leg when she injured a muscle during a gymnastic technique. She said it made her leg feel much better and that all her good friends thought it looked cool!<br><br>Everyone in the household can benefit! I extremely recommend 5KTAPE for everybody.<br><br><img src=”” border=”0″><br><a href=”″ target=’_blank’>Keep reading about this 5KTAPE kinesiology tape product</a><br>5KTape is designed to promote healing and enhance<br>efficiency of athletes, enhances the body's natural healing procedure by assisting to enhance the natural blood flow around the muscle<br>Effective for everybody consisting of athletes, elderly, youngsters<br><br>Latex Free, hypoallergenic material, breathable, comfortable, 95 % cotton &amp; 5 % Nylon<br>Measures 2&quot; width X 16.4' Length, Precut – 20 &quot;I&quot; &amp; &quot;Y&quot; shape pieces per roll for quick application<br>FAST &amp; Simple – NO scissors required for many applications<br>Provides stability &amp; support to your muscles &amp; joints<br>Decreases Pain &amp; Inflammation, Promotes circulation, Water resistant, FDA authorized<br><br>

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