Prescription Drugs For Weight Loss – Should You Take Them Or Not?

You can take many different medications for weight loss, including natural foods and supplements, over-the-counter products and prescription drugs. Using prescription medication to lose weight is definitely possible, but it is not as simple as popping a pill and the pounds will simply shed. The problem with some prescription meds is that they have side effects, something that natural remedies do not have.

One drug that is used by many people is Xenical or Orlistat, both of which can be acquired using a prescription or by simply going to a pharmaceutical store. Alli is another drug that you can get over the counter and by prescription as well; this particular drug is a fat absorption inhibitor. This drug works as a fat blocker in that it actually prevents the body from absorbing fat. There are a few things you need to be aware of such as not eating a low-fat diet and the side effects that may happen. Also keep in mind that this fat blocker may also be a nutrient blocker which should prompt you to take multivitamins with this regimen. Often, those that take Xenical for several weeks or months can look forward to possible side effects that they may not like.|Prescription drugs are known to have side effects, which is the primary reason why individuals will try almost anything else to lose weight prior to going this route. The side effects can range from very uncomfortable to mild in nature. Most of the time when you see a very long list of side effects associated with a drug it is a comprehensive one that represents all of the side effects that have happened over time. Basically, you might get some of the side effects, but not all of them. You may not want to become one of the statistics representative of those that have had the more severe symptoms; consult your doctor prior to taking any weight loss remedy with dangerous side effects. You may get dry mouth, increased heart rate, and drowsiness as an example of the many side effects associated with weight loss pills that are prescribed.|Who are doctors most likely to give a prescription for a weight loss drug? The people that qualify usually are high risk individuals that suffer from things like high cholesterol or diabetes; they may also have a BMI or body mass index that is higher than 27.

Addiction is definitely a problem in regard to weight loss products, and this is not counting the side effects that usually go with them as well. They are called controlled substances because they can have an addicting quality and this is true of most weight-loss meds. Amphetamines are drugs that have an addicting quality, similar to weight loss products that do the same. This is one reason why doctors will not usually allow patients to stay on these drugs for long periods of time. Therefore, it may be wise to opt for natural weight loss products like Pure Coffee Bean Extract to avoid any chances of addiction. Xenical is not considered a habit-forming drug, but does have other side effects you should be concerned about. Anyone who has a history of substance abuse problems should be especially careful about taking weight loss drugs and tell their doctor about such tendencies.

Some prescription weight-loss drugs can help you, but they also have side effects that can be detrimental. Always keep in mind the precautions related to any prescription drug and never exceed the dosage on the bottle. Alcohol should never be used when swallowing your weight loss pills; combining these substances together could be life-threatening. Always let your doctor know if you have any of the unwanted effects associated with taking this drug. If you do have adverse reactions, this might be your body’s way of telling you that you should not take it. Never take your drugs longer than you should. If you need answers in regard to the medication you’re taking, you can ask your pharmacist as well. If neither of these people are available, try to find an expert as soon as you can.

So go out there and learn as much as possible about the many prescription medications that can help you lose weight. After you have made a decision to try out a weight-loss drug, you should definitely read up more on the subject. People that use these drugs are usually profoundly overweight and need a quick solution that can help them immediately.

Prescription Drugs For Weight Loss   Should You Take Them Or Not?