Prevent Stimulant Addiction And Live A Better Life

In order to handle various health problems, medications are given by medical doctors. However, there are certain medications that when taken have side effects People keep on using the substance as it allows them to feel inexplicable joy. But, they don’t realize that such medications could put their lives in danger.

The most common drug abused worldwide are stimulants as well as pain killers. Majority of drug addicts are contented with its effect that they tend to forget that it will ultimately minimize their odds of living a healthy as well as fruitful life. Some of the most acknowledged stimulants and painkillers abused are Desoxyn, Codeine, Cocaine, Ecstacy, caffeine, Nicotine and other prescription medications.

You can find underneath some of the side effects of these medicines once used in large amounts for a long period of time.

Cardiovascular Illnesses

Cardio problems are common to those individuals who are dependent on Desoxyn. The common signs of cardio problems are hypertension, increased pulse rate and vasoconstriction.

Depression and Suicidal Ideation

Desoxyn addiction leaves a person with two problems. First is depression and second is death. Depression, if not treated usually leads to suicidal tendencies. That is why many drug addicts are usually hospitalized because they try to end their life.

Dry Mouth

An individual may experience dry mouth or xerostomia.This consequence is quite unpleasant but is easy to manage when addressed early.


This problem should be treated appropriately as it can put one’s life at risk. This simply implies that a person dependent on Codeine will most likely experience a false sensory perception.

Respiratory Problems

This indicates that the individual may experience difficulty breathing or clinically referred to as hyperventilation. This problem is normally a usual complication of codeine dependency.


This brain activity is usually a result of opioid abuse. People abusing such drugs will certainly experience this debilitating condition.

Allergic Reaction

Addiction of codeine normally results in this problem. Itchiness all over the body and in some cases bloating are some of the most common side effects of this medication. It is best to seek advice from a physician before using the drug.

These side effects are just few of the numerous conditions that drug users may experience. As you can notice, it can certainly put someone’s life in jeopardy. So if you know someone who is abusing these prescription drugs, try to convince them to seek medical help. Treatment may be hard at first but with the help of skilled medical practitioners, everything will be handled appropriately.

You can utilize the net to locate sites that have info regarding where to go and whom to approach if someone must be rehabilitated. It is very important that the rehabilitation center should be conducive for treatment and offers amenities for faster recuperation.

Prevent Stimulant Addiction And Live A Better Life