'Push Up to Fitness' with Maximiza Push-Up Stands – Great Strength Workout Equipment

I truly needed to save some cash so I cancelled my gym subscription and chose to do my exercises at home. However to do that, I needed to figure out how I could get enough personal workout equipment to do the task at an affordable price.<br>Among my first purchases was the Maximiza push-up stands because pushups truly are one of the essential exercises that need to be in any exercise routine.<br>So, why did I get push-up stands when I could simply keep that cash? Well, they are vastly superior to regular floor pushups, just because it allows your body to go lower to the ground – which increases the variety of activity and makes the workout harder. For that reason, the muscles are exercised better through a greater range and it makes each push-up far more efficient. Likewise, they protected my wrists from the pain that I obtain from floor pushups.<br>Overall the Maximiza Pushup bars are a great tool you can make use of in your home to mainly exercise the chest, shoulder, and back of the arms.<br><br>The other push-up stands that I have actually taken a look at simply don't seem as good. When you pay $10-$15 or less, these products seem to be poorly constructed or crappy (some are even made of plastic!). Some like Tony Horton are expensive (over $40 or $50). Perfect Pushup seem OK however I'm not exactly sure if the rotation is simply a gimmick or not, and I have actually read that the hand grips are too large for women. So I selected the Maximiza Push Up stands as they are in the mid-point price-wise and I'm extremely pleased. They are great quality as they are made of one piece of chrome steel. They don't bend and I cannot see how they would ever collapse.<br>There's nothing to assemble. You simply take them from the box and use them. They are available in 2 sizes. While the larger ones look really strong, I selected the 'Classic 22mm' as I have relatively small hands so I didn't want a big hand-grip.<br>All-in-all, these push-up stands are great to make use of for strength training and to preserve a particular level of fitness. If you wish to do push-ups, give them a try. I highly recommend this product. It offers an excellent and distinct exercise.<br><br><center><img src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51EZCw-475L._SL160_.jpg” border=”0″></center><br><br>'Push Up to Fitness' with the Maximiza Push-Up Grips made from Sturdy Chrome Steel – Great Upperbody Workout Equipment Good for any Training Routine for Men or Women, Home, Gym or Travel<br><br>Each box includes one pair of Push-Up Grips. <br><br>Features <br>- Strong, durable chrome steel bars and extremely steady – have no worry that they'll break, bend or collapse <br>- Bar diameter of 22mm (~ 7/8 inch) for the Classic <br>- Each Classic 22mm bar can hold 220lb (100kg)<br>- Classic 22mm will typically suit lighter people or people with smaller hands (e.g. ladies) while the Ultra 25mm will suit heavier people or larger hands (typically guys) <br>- No parts, welds or joins – means no assembly needed and no parts to break <br>- They are steady and do not wobble <br>- Light and portable – take them anywhere<br>- Comfortable foam grips <br>- Non-slip – really grips the floor<br><br>Benefits <br>- Enhance and shape shoulders, chest, arms and back <br>- Incorporate with any upperbody strength program <br>- Reduce stress on the wrists <br>- Promotes great form <br>- Optimize your effort with much deeper pushups <br>- Allows different muscle use with more hand positions <br><br>100 % Satisfaction Assurance. <br>If you aren't totally satisfied, please contact us for a complete refund – no questions asked. Purchase both types and share them with your family or at the office.<br><br><a href=”http://www.amazon.com/Maximiza-Push-up-Bars-Comfortable-g/dp/B00MOGNN5M/ref=sr_1_23?A15VTUK2TTBWLE” target=’_blank’>See more about this Push-Up Bars product</a>

'Push Up to Fitness' with Maximiza Push Up Stands   Great Strength Workout Equipment