'Push Up to Fitness' with Maximiza Push-Up Stands – Great Upperbody Workout Equipment

I actually needed to save some money so I suspended my health club membership and chose to do my workouts in my home. But to do that, I had to work out how I could get enough home workout equipment to do the task at an affordable price. Among my very first purchases was the Maximiza pushup handles due to the fact that pushups actually are one of the essential exercises that have to be in any workout.<br><br>So, what made me get pushup handles when I could simply keep that cash? Well, they are greatly superior to regular floor push-ups, simply because it allows your body to go lower to the floor – which increases the variety of motion and makes the workout more intense. For that reason, the muscles are exercised more thoroughly through a greater range and it makes each pushup much more productive. Also, the bars protected my wrists from the discomfort that I receive from floor push-ups.<br><br>Overall the Maximiza Pushup bars are a good tool you can make use of at home to generally exercise the shoulders, chest, back and the arms.<br><br>The other pushup handles that I have actually looked at simply don't seem as good. When you pay $10-$15 or less, these products seem to be badly constructed or flimsy (some are even made of plastic!). Some like Tony Horton Powerstands are pricey (over 40 to 50 dollars). Perfect Pushup seem good but I'm not exactly sure if the swivel is simply a gimmick or not, and I have actually read that the handles are too large for women. So I picked the Maximiza Push Up handles as they are in the mid-point price-wise and I'm extremely pleased. They are very good quality as they are made of a single piece of chrome steel. They don't bend and I cannot see how they would ever collapse.<br><br>There's nothing to assemble. You simply take them out of the box and use them. They can be found in 2 sizes. While the smaller bars look extra strong, I picked the 'Ultra 25mm' as I have relatively large hands so I didn't need a little hand-grip.<br><br>All-in-all, these pushup handles are excellent to make use of for strength training and to keep a certain level of physical fitness. If you wish to do push-ups, give them a shot. I highly recommend this product. It provides a fantastic and special workout.<br><br><img src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41%2BiEh-WgbL._SL110_.jpg” border=”0″><br><br>'Push Up to Fitness' with the Maximiza Pushup Bars made from Sturdy Steel – Great Upperbody Workout Equipment Good for any Workout Program for Anyone, Home, Gym or Travel<br><br>Each box includes one set of Pushup Bars. <br><br>Features <br>- Strong, durable chrome steel bars and extremely stable – have no worry that they'll break, bend or collapse <br>- 25mm diameter bar (1 inch) for the Ultra<br>- Each Ultra 25mm bar can hold 330lb (150kg)<br>- Classic 22mm will usually suit lighter people or people with smaller hands (e.g. ladies) while the Ultra 25mm will certainly suit heavier people or larger hands (usually men) <br>- No joins, welds, or parts – means no assembly required and no bits to break <br>- They are stable and do not wobble <br>- Light and portable – take them anywhere<br>- Comfortable foam grips <br>- Non-slip – really grips the floor<br><br>Benefits <br>- Enhance and sculpt shoulders, chest, arms and back <br>- Integrate with any upperbody strength workout <br>- Decrease stress on the wrists <br>- Promotes excellent form <br>- Optimize your effort with much deeper push-ups <br>- Allows varied muscle use with more hand positions <br><br>100 % Satisfaction Guarantee. <br>If you aren't totally satisfied, please contact us for a full refund – no questions asked. Buy one of each size and share them with your family or at your workplace.<br><br><a href=”http://www.amazon.com/Maximiza-Push-up-Bars-Suitable-Comfortable/dp/B00MXJIUMG/ref=sr_1_23?A15VTUK2TTBWLE” target=’_blank’>Continue reading about this Push Up Bars product</a>

'Push Up to Fitness' with Maximiza Push Up Stands   Great Upperbody Workout Equipment