Quality Armband for iPhone 6 – Great for Exercise in General, That Actually Goes The Distance

So here I am, I have raced out and am one of the very first happy owners of a brand-new apple iphone 6. All of you who have been observing the release and have read all the pre launch buzz and leaked details will recognize that the new apple iphone has a larger screen and as such is longer that the 5 series. I was really quite aware of this however it never quite dawned on me the implications of this until I tried to install the new iphone in to the old armband. Guess what? yeah, it won't fit.<br><br><br>This is a lot more of a challenge than it seems as I'm past the age at where I can consume as much of whatever I like and still not put on any body weight. I need to exercise. Now, I'm definitely not the most inspired individual in theuniverse, so whenever it comes to exercise or fitness as a whole, I really need all the motivation I can get.<br><br>I love to listen to music and I find that it really helps when I'm running to listen to some tunes and zone out abit. Apparently, it has been proven to help improve fitness levels faster, but for me, it just distracts from the pain.<br><br>Previously, I had an armband from SpartanFive. This was really terrific and was a perfect fit for my iphone 5. Therefore, my initial stop on the search for a replacement unit was to the SpartanFive web site. To my relief, I found that they did actually have a new design armband which was created with the apple iPhone 6 in mind. I have no idea how these guys do it but they seem to acquire the specifications on these new designs before anybody else.<br><br>I purchased the armband through the Amazon link on their website and was extremely pleased when my new armband showed up 3 days later.<br><br>It is more or less the same as the former version, except that it is longer in order to accommodate the new iphone size. The outer case is the same smooth PU which is really soft and pliable but at the same time extremely sturdy. The majority of the armband is constructed from really high quality Neoprene which is coated in a soft lycra. Its really flexible and will sit snugly on your arm. It has a pretty good level of stretch so you can make it fairly tight.<br><br>What I actually liked about the last design, and thankfully it is one thing which has been included in this model is the added length in the armband. No one else has an arm strap that is as long as this, and believe me, I have searched around alot. I don't quite know why,but these guys seem to have got it right. Don't get me wrong, I don't have big guns (yet, still working on them) however most of the other armbands are really just too small.<br><br>The transparent plastic on the front lets you view the face of the iPhone and there is still a neat little opening in the rear for the ear phone jack. No complimentary ear buds with this one but, hey, thats not actually why I brought it anyhow.<br><br>I have worn it 3 times in the rain so far and it has always kept the phone bone dry so no issues.<br><br>Speaking of issues, the after sale support service has been fantastic. I received an email to let me know when the armband had been sent and another one to see if it had actually arrived ok. SpartanFive offer a Lifetime guarantee on their products which has to be registered on their web site. No problem. The benefit is that if you leave a review on The Amazon website then you qualify for a free VIP membership which then opens the doors to a ton of free downloads that include exercise programs, recipes and general tips on diet and exercise.<br><br>Jump on the web site and take a look or checkout the link to Amazon. You won't regret it.<br><br><img src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/410oAdx1X2L._SL160_.jpg” border=”0″><br><br>Tired of dropping that precious iPhone every time you exercise?<br><br>Defend your right to the best armband available<br>- NEW Longer strap to fit all arm sizes. No need to purchase additional straps to make it fit.<br>- NEW Best Quality PU Leather case with scratch resistant clear cover<br>- Easy access to front device buttons<br>- Hand washable<br>- Water resistant<br>- Velcro closure for easy single handed wearing and removal <br>- Advanced Reflective strip on the front for night time activities<br><br>Construction<br>- Lightweight Water Resistant Lycra covered Neoprene <br>- Flexible yet sturdy, this case will fit conveniently on your arm and never let you down. <br>- This is THE ONE you have been hunting for..<br><br>Compatibility<br>- Fits Apple iPhone 6<br>- Strap fits 45 cm/17.5 inch Arm circumference <br><br>Installation<br>- Slide the device in through the convenient opening in the rear.<br>- Select the most suitable strap length<br>- Tighten and secure the strap comfortably on your arm.<br><br>- Longer secure armband to fit even the larger arms <br><br>Guarantee<br>- The only NO HASSLE, Lifetime Replacement Warranty. Conditions apply, all warranties must be activated by registering on the SpartanFive website.<br><br>Why have our armband? – Because its just better. And after all, don't you desire to have the best?<br><br><a href=”http://www.amazon.com/Armband-Iphone-Membership-Guarantee-Investment/dp/B00MIGMOJY” target=’_blank’>Learn more about this at amazon.com/Armband-Iphone-Membership-Guarantee-Investment/dp/B00MIGMOJY/Armband for iPhone/</a>

Quality Armband for iPhone 6   Great for Exercise in General, That Actually Goes The Distance