Quick Dry T-shirt Is Manufactured From 70% Cotton So It's Comfortable And Fits Great

I have been an active outdoor enthusiast all my life – from camping and hiking to snowboarding and body surfing. I've taken care of my own garden and house repair work for years in both Southern California and our 2nd house on the Gulf Coastline of Florida. Believe me, Ihave tried all sorts of different t-shirts to reduce the discomfort of sweat.<br><br>I think many people use moisture wicking poly t-shirts mainly in the health club or while participating in some strenuous physical exercise to deal with the sweat. But a pure poly product is truly simply plastic and I don't know anyone, including myself that appreciates the feel of a sweaty poly shirt adhering to their body. Many people appear to prefer the luxury of cotton for nearly anything else they do. I know I do.<br><br>But if you think of it, you do not need to work out to prompt a sweat, you simply need to work. So sweat can be a problem from working out at the health club to doing the lawn work to strolling from your vehicle in a hot parking area to a dinner date.<br><br>I’m a fervent Amazon shopper, so I went to Amazon a couple of months ago and found a cutting edge dry wick t-shirt that blew me away. Most wicking t-shirts have the 15-30 second industry standard moisture transport rate. This shirt has a 3-5 second transport rate and keeps that rate for the life of the garment with proper care. As an added benefit, there is no smell retention. Unlike pure poly garments which have the tendency to maintain smell even after washing, this t-shirt will be odor free for the life of the garment. That has shown to be true for me after 20 washings. (It's so comfy I wear my dry wick t-shirts nearly all the time!).<br><br>Yes, it's a little greater priced than a normal cotton tee-shirt, however it's 70% cotton and 30% microfiber; it's fast moisture management; I remain dry and comfy; it still fits and held its color and shape after 20 washings. So if you're in the market for a fantastic tee-shirt you can stop looking and check this one out. I've got one in each color. I recommend saving some time and get a couple of them for yourself. And make sure to let the people at Weather Permitting understand how you like the shirt with a review on Amazon. If we can get them popular enough, they guarantee to obtain more colors!<br><br><br><img src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41NxNsGUArL.jpg” border=”0″><br><br>CLASSIC YET LUXURIOUS<br><br>Weather Permitting's ingenious t-shirt integrates the traditional look and comfort of combed cotton with unsurpassed moisture wicking micro-fiber technology — the perfect balance. Use it for sport, use it for leisure, and use it to work under a sport coat. It integrates fashion and function at a cost point that's every bit as satisfying as our t-shirt.<br><br>INNOVATIVE MOISTURE MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY<br><br>Our quick dry fabrics offer other advantages over pure synthetics: they will not snag; they endure shrinking and fading; they will not retain smells; and they dry 50 % faster than normal cotton alone. The ingenuity of our quick dry fabric is not simply that it wicks moisture away from the body– lots of synthetic-based items do that. The genuine innovation is that it's made mostly from cotton. That's why our t-shirts feel so excellent next to your skin.<br><br>GOES ANYPLACE<br><br>Our material isn't &quot;dipped&quot; like cheaper items that are now flooding the marketplace so Weather Permitting's Wetness Wicking T-shirts look and feel as great when you're running down a mountain track as when you're lazing at home.<br><br>IMPORTANT INFORMATION<br><br>Our t-shirts are true to size, however if you &quot;sometimes take a Medium and sometimes take a Large,&quot; get a Large for the best fit.The material that our t-shirts are made of is bit heavier than your average dry wick t-shirt. This is due to the fact that the distinct way the material is created offers it a better wicking property and a more comfortable feel while still providing a 3-5 second moisture transport rate. (Industry standard for these garments is 15-30 seconds.)<br><br>Do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets when you wash the shirt. These products will leave a coating on the material and prevent the shirt from wicking.<br><br>WE STAND BEHIND OUR T-SHIRT<br><br>When you add our Wetness Wicking T-shirt to your cart and check out, you will receive it in about in 2 to 4 days with our NO INCONVENIENCE, 100% REFUND GUARANTEE!<br><br>ADD A SHIRT, OR TWO OR MORE TO YOUR CART NOW WHILE THEY ARE STILL IN STOCK!<br><br><a href=”http://www.amazon.com/Moisture-Wicking-Breathable-Performance-With-70%25/dp/B00WTO2PR6″ target=’_blank’>Click to get this Moisture wicking t-shirt product now</a>

Quick Dry T shirt Is Manufactured From 70% Cotton So It's Comfortable And Fits Great