Quick Guide To Great Abs

By Tom Freeman

There is usually a big rush of excitement when you initially decide to start getting yourself in shape. However, that excitement can quickly lead to some disillusionment as we try to picture what we want to look like. Most people want to see those six pack abs on their own body that they see on so many models in fitness ads. But its easy to get discouraged about your ability to achieve that especially if you don’t have a solid plan to get you there. Follow the three steps below and you will find success.

Of course you probably know that the abdominal muscles are located in the middle of your body. From a physical standpoint they protect things like your stomach, liver and kidneys. Your abdominal muscles also can help with back problems when they are strong. However, most people find that the majority of excess weight they carry is deposited directly into this mid-section of our bodies. This is why its easy to develop a pouch or gut. So it is hard to see those nice abs with all that fat on top of them. It is no wonder that the belly is also the first thing most people want to lose when you start working out.

The first key to obtaining defined and conditioned abdominal muscles has nothing to do with the muscles themselves but what is being put into your body. Consuming a balanced and nutritious diet allows the body to get the fuel it needs to function and is one of the best way to get abs. It is beneficial if you determine the amount of calories that you need to function and ensure that you are only consuming what you require. By consuming excess amounts of calories, your body will begin to store them as fat, most likely around your midsection. This is counterproductive to your goals. Once you determine how much you need to eat, do not consume any more than that.

The next step is to include at least thirty minutes of cardiovascular exercise into your workout routine. Cardiovascular exercise forces your body to increase your heart rate until it moves into what is known as the fat burning mode. Elevating your heart rate into fat burning mode stimulates your muscles to begin burning up the stored fat in your body so that it can use it as fuel. Ensure that your cardiovascular routine is varied and not repetitive. Having a varied routine ensures that you shock your muscles so that they do not get used to the exercises and continue to burn fat at an optimal rate. Burning off fat that is stored in the body is imperative because once all the fat has been used up, the muscles begin to strengthen and become more defined.

The final thing you have to do to get great abs is of course train or exercise. But you need to focus on all of the abdominal muscles so just doing crunches isn’t going to cut it or get you cut. Focus on each abdominal group separately. That means you will be doing lifts and bicycling. There isn’t one exercise that hits all the abs equally. Work part of your abs one day and another part the next day so the muscle groups get a chance to rest in between sessions.

The six pack ab secret is really no secret at all. It is however, the combination of eating right, getting your body to burn fat and targeting each of your specific abdominal muscle groups. If there is a secret it is that you need to stick to these three tenets and you will succeed.

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Quick Guide To Great Abs