Rascal Gym Wrist Wraps – Hard Core, Heavy Duty Wrist Protection for Serious Workouts

I am not an extremely heavy weight lifter, however, these wrist wraps were suggested to me by someone who is.<br><br>I mix it up in the gym, weights one day, high impact training the next and crossfit training when I truly want a beasting!<br><br>If you are like me, I will bet your wrist strength has let you down sometime whilst training. So I bought a pair of Rascal Wraps from Amazon as suggested by my good friend, who is a hard core competitive Power Lifter. <br><br>There is no doubt that these wraps are much tougher and heavier duty than other brands out there. In fact in the beginning, they felt quite tight and uncomfortable, however I was amazed from the get go! I could certainly bench press more; not simply weight but reps as well. I then moved onto kettle bell dead lifts where the wraps were awesome, not just for additional wrist strength but also to protect my wrists from the bells striking against them … once again, more weight and more reps. I use my wraps now for high impact training and crossfit as well, they are excellent for burpees, push ups, pull ups, anything that needs wrist stamina and any weight work really.<br><br>These simple but heavy duty wrist wraps have basically changed my gym training permanently, I lift more, push more and train harder. I cannot live without them!<br><br><img src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41NPkg1NaAL._SL160_.jpg” border=”0″><br><br><a href=”http://www.amazon.co.uk/Gym-Wrist-Wraps-Powerlifting-Guarantee/dp/B013NS2ZT4″ target=’_blank’>Check out this Rascal Wrist Wraps product now</a><br><br>Who Else Wants to Lift Heavier and Workout Harder?<br><br>Heavy Duty 18&quot; Durable Wrist Wraps; Lift, Press and Achieve More<br><br>2 per pack<br><br>- Extra-dense weave avoids fray<br>- Thick cotton-polyester-elastic<br>- Weave 25 % finer than contending brands<br>- 28 picks per inch<br>- 2&quot; stitched down sturdy velcro<br>- High quality strengthened thumb loop<br>- Cool guys and girls colors<br><br>Avoid Wrist Failure and Accomplish More<br><br>- Protect your wrists and have muscles give out before they do!<br>- Perfect for professionals, heavy weight lifters and serious cross-fit fanatics<br>- For lifts, bench press, kettle bells, hammer curls, high impact and crossfit training<br><br>Rascal Are the Wrap Experts<br><br>- We do wraps!<br>- We source the highest quality materials and manufacturers<br>- We put our wraps through rigid tests, on the job, in the gym!<br>- 2-Year Refund Warranty.<br><br><br>

Rascal Gym Wrist Wraps   Hard Core, Heavy Duty Wrist Protection for Serious Workouts