RipToned Lifting Belts – Weightlifting Core Stability

For many years I resisted even trying a lifting belt because I had always felt powerlifting belts were for individuals with feeble or injured backs or wusses… which of course I do not think I am either.<br><br>Well a couple months back I went to a good friends house who I often exercise with. When we hit his workout room in the man cave I gasped when he right away threw on a weight lifting belt. Now we have been exercising together for many years and we constantly took pride in being all natural meaning no steroids but likewise no gadgety things either.<br><br>Well my pal, David went on to inform me he was reading about belts for weightlifting online and bought one without informing me because he didn't want me to bug him about it. He then checked it out when I had not been around and found he had the ability to squat 30 lbs extra and dead lift thirty lbs extra right out of the gate.<br><br>

<br><br>Well this undoubtedly convinced him and let him strap on the belt right in front of me without problems whatsoever.<br><br>Well guess what I did next? Naturally … yah I tested it too and it made a huge gain in how much I could move as well.<br><br>Well Dave and I being guys are incredibly competitive so the best part is although he brags over coming across powerlifting belts I got one from Amazon which is far better quality then his for way less money. Also Amaon's shipping is incredibly fast and their customer service is the best.<br><br>Anywho I'm back to the gym.<br>

RipToned Lifting Belts   Weightlifting Core Stability