Shed Extra Pounds With The Help Of Appetite Controlling Healthy Foods

Although sometimes difficult to carry out, the theory behind losing weight is rather simple– burn more calories than you take in. It is estimated that each 3500 calories represents one pound of body fat. To lose one pound a week, for example, you must eat 500 calories less per day than you are currently eating. Sadly, for the vast majority of people this is easier said than done.

The truth is that the bodies do not need too much calories to survive. In fact, scientists have discovered that the human body can go two to three weeks without food before it dies. Exactly what makes weight-loss hard, however, is the fact that our bodies are likely to fool us into thinking that we’re starving, although we’re having around a lot of extra excess body fat which could be metabolized straight into energy.

Don’t get me wrong — desire for food really does serve a reason. With an ideal-weight woman or man, appetite is considered the signal to absorb even more extra calories, because they will very shortly be necessary to continue standard life functions. An over weight person does not necessarily need all these calories, though, and the craving for food only tricks us in to assuming that we do.

Certain foods we eat can actually suppress the appetite, make us feel fuller longer and, as a result, cause us to eat less.

Lose Weight by consuming Appetite Controlling Foods

As a general rule, foods high in fiber will make you feel fuller longer because their bulkiness will stretch the stomach and trigger the body’s appetite suppression system. Nuts and seeks, like pine nuts and flax seeds, also trick the body into thinking we are fuller than we really are.

Not necessarily a “food”, simply drinking a full glass of water prior to a meal will suppress the appetite, take up room and result in a lower caloric intake. The same is true for green tea extract, because it is known that it activates the release of a bodily hormone liable for curbing your appetite and it is thought to furthermore improve the metabolic process.

And also, finally, people having a sweet tooth can be willing to learn that dark chocolate is actually a dieting aid as the bitterness serves as a natural hunger controller.

Shed Extra Pounds With The Help Of Appetite Controlling Healthy Foods