Sip Juice For Weight Loss

There is no magic way to reduce, but you can go a long way by getting your nutrition to begin with, before you fill up on high-calorie junk. The best way to accomplish that is to sip juice for weight loss.

Juicing for weight loss is pretty easy. You need a juicer–the Omega VRT330 and the Breville BJE511XL are both outstanding in their own way. Then you can just chunk all the veggies and fruits you know you really should eat, concentrate the micro-nutrients, anti-oxidants, and other nutrients right into a glass to sip or chug at will.

Juicing for weight loss saves you time. Juicing is a great deal faster, despite clean up, than preparing, then eating, salads. It concentrates the nutrients. A glass is worth 4-6 salads. Just remember that a juice diet is not magic–you should have a balanced diet. You need added protein, dairy products, a few carbohydrates, and probably some other vitamins or supplements. Talk with a nutritionist or your health care provider. Juice may be the center-piece, not the whole feast.

A juicing diet is stunning. A beet makes a lovely ruby color when added to a celery stalk, a cored apple, and a cucumber (a mixture called “Red Wonder Juice”). A couple of carrots, a sweet potato, and a couple of cored Granny Smith apples create a brilliant orange drink. Ordinary wheatgrass is an emerald green. Those are only three of the possibilities. Try to create the whole spectrum!

Fruits can give a sweet taste to your vegetable juices. Mix a couple cups of pineapple, two peeled oranges, and a sweet potato for a dynamite breakfast beverage. (You could add protein powders and other nutritional supplements, as you desire.) Be careful to go lightly on the fruit and carrots, for they are pretty high in natural sugars. They bring up the calorie count, but more important, they boost blood sugar. This can be very harmful for those with diabetes or pre-diabetes.

This is not to say that you can’t juice just vegetables. Cucumber juice mixed with a little bit of mint can be especially invigorating on a scorching afternoon. Ditto a chilled cup of carrot juice.

Veggies can be super-nutritious, but spinach, kale, chard, the dark leafy ones, may be harsh. Mix them with apple, sweet potato, or even a bit of ginger root. You can stir in fizzy tonic water–diet, naturally–for extra zest. Too many flavors and colors look like mud and taste like it, too–so experiment carefully.

Dieting has no magic pills, but a juice diet does have powerful potions. juice for weight loss is pretty, tasty, filling, and, above all, effective. Summer time is the perfect time to sip away excess pounds with a juice diet.

Sip Juice For Weight Loss