SLEEK-TONE Resistance Loops: A Great Path To Fitness

If you’re like me, you didn’t use to think about resistance bands as part of a significant training program. I lifted weights and ran and played a range of sports and might never have actually discovered loop bands if I had not suffered an unpleasant shoulder injury– a partially torn rotator cuff– that needed physical therapy. The therapist sent me home with a simple rubber inner-tube and a set of simple workouts, and though doubtful at first I was astonished at how rapidly that basic “loop band” helped me. So I also started using it for general stretching, and it helped me resolve periodic stiffness in my lower back.<br><br>Gradually I discovered higher-quality resistance loops, such as this set from SLEEK-TONE. I got mine on Amazon, where I often buy my fitness equipment. I still enjoy lifting, but it’s good to complement those weight-room workouts with resistance bands. Weight work is so dependent on gravity. However with these loops, you are working off of the tension within the band itself. You can work so much of your body making use of many ranges of motion. One result of this is that you are less likely to hurt yourself. This is another reason why loop bands are used so much in physical therapy.<br><br>I travel frequently and even if I’m in a hotel with a decent exercise space I rarely go down there anymore. I simply get these 3 loops out of my bag and have a revitalizing workout right in my room. And I can make it as light or as tough as I desire.<br><br>The drawback of my first makeshift resistance loops was that they didn’t last long. That’s another reason I like this SLEEK-TONE set. They’re long lasting, especially if you keep them out of direct sunlight. (Sunlight over time breaks down the flexibility of latex.) They last, they’re easy to use, and you can put them in your bag or even your pocket and tote them with you for an instant workout wherever you are.anywhere<br><br><img src=”” border=”0″><br><br>An elegantly simple, efficient and highly portable means to add strength and flexibility.<br><br>Three colorful high-quality latex loop bands labeled with resistance levels- Light, Medium, Heavy.<br><br>Shape and tone your entire body. Great for awesome legs. Bonus pamphlet with sample exercises included.<br><br>Outstanding for physical therapy and gentle rehabilitation after injuries.<br><br>More long lasting. Black woven drawstring bag keeps sun off to preserve flexibility of latex. Backed by LIFETIME guarantee.<br><br><a href=”” target=’_blank’>Continue reading about this resistance loop bands product</a>

SLEEK TONE Resistance Loops: A Great Path To Fitness