Small Steps. Big Weight Loss.

By Jon Allo

A lot of people think that you have to take big steps to achieve weight loss success. They believe that the big weight loss stories are all about men and women who have made a huge change to their diet or start working out every single day of the week. Obviously, these big lifestyle changes can work for some people but for most of us it does not work.

It’s not easy to suddenly turn your life upside down and then try and stick with it. If you really want to create a lasting change to your body, the best weight loss plan is about making small and gradual steps to achieve the results you want.

Taking Small Steps Towards A Healthy Diet.

Don’t try and totally change your diet in a single day. In fact, people who try quick and fast weight loss plans seldom manage to achieve any long lasting weight loss success because they cannot keep the sudden change. Try to change what you eat one food at a time, one week at a time.

As an example, to start your new weight loss diet plan this week, aim to eat a salad with two of your meals each day. You don’t need to count calories and you don’t need to eat less. All you need to do is eat a salad.

Then next week, your objective is to avoid eating fried foods. Again, if that’s your intention, it should be your only one for the week. Don’t try to overdo it with too many changes at once. By modifying your diet slowly and gradually, it gives your brain time to adjust to your new habits. It also gives your body time to adapt to the changing calorie levels and nutrition.

Taking Small Steps To Exercise.

In the same way as you slowly and gradually change what you eat, your exercise routine should also be taken bit by bit. If you try to start an exercise routine that is too hard core, there’s a pretty good possibility your subconscious mind will start creating excuses for not exercising.

Start with just exercising one or two days a week, rather than trying to do something everyday. In the beginning it makes sense to take things a little bit slower. When you do your exercise routine, you do need to feel like you’ve pushed yourself, but not so much that your whole body aches for days afterwards. Once regular exercise becomes part of your weight loss plan, you can start to make your workouts more intense.

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Small Steps. Big Weight Loss.