SmartDrop Unique Water Bottle Replacement Filter

SmartDrop &trade; filtered water bottles provide you a great chance to create pure tasting water on the go without the pricey expenditure and trouble of expensive mineral water. This reusable, BPA-free SmartDrop &trade; bottle continuously filters common tap water while you drink. SmartDrop &trade; has an unique patented filtration system that literally gets rid of the taste and odor of chlorine while eliminating contaminates. Plastic bottles damage our planet. That is why we at SmartDrop &trade; are extremely concentrated on creating only eco-friendly products. We have actually taken drinking water to an entire brand-new level. This is the most incredible bottle you will ever have. 100 % ensured.<br><br>Play Hard &ndash; Work Hard &ndash; Train Hard &ndash; Drink Smart! SmartDrop&trade;<br><br><br><img src=”” border=”0″><br><br>Product Description<br><br>Our SmartDrop replacement filter has a distinctively patented filtration system that gets rid of dust, germs, chlorine and other contaminates without any plastic taste. The specially designed filter enables immediate water flow with every sip. 100 % Ensured or your money back.<br><br>Filter Care<br><br>Kindly keep in mind, your bottle resembles your preferred pair of jeans. You wash them with care, do the same with your SmartDrop bottle. Hand wash bottle only in warm sudsy water then let air dry. We advise that when not utilizing your bottle to get rid of the filter and let air dry on a paper towel. This allows the filter to breath producing a longer, healthier filter life. Making our planet and the water you drink cleaner … One SmartDrop At A Time!<br><br><br><a href=”” target=’_blank’>Keep reading about this Water Bottle product</a>

SmartDrop Unique Water Bottle Replacement  Filter