Stretch Marks: Embarrassing and Aggravating

By Gregory Sloan

Many people never have to worry about stretch marks. However many do. These marks are strips of streaks on the skin, found on the upper legs, hips, stomach, and other places. They can occur because of the weight gain of a person or from someone going through a pregnancy. What seems like a simple topic brings a lot of anxiety to many. People want to know how to deal with stretch marks.

Stretch marks can scar the skin by the tearing of the dermis, the middle layer of skin that helps the skin retain its shape. This will cause pink, reddish or purple colored lines on an area of skin, as thin as a pen line or broad as a finger, which are most likely to fade to a pale white at a later stage.

Stretch marks are caused by a rapid change in your body or skin. A lot of women get stretch marks during their pregnancy, and girls sometimes get them while they are going through puberty or while they are growing breasts. Men and boys get stretch marks as well. When you suddenly lost or gained a lot of weight, you may spot them. Even bodybuilders get them from rapid muscle gain. It seems fair to call it what it is then, since it is exactly just that; stretch marks. It happens when the skin is stretched.

It can be tough on some people with stretch marks as it hurts their self esteem and confidence. The stretch marks can appear on several areas of a person’s body, including hips, belly, upper legs, upper arms, shoulders, and backside. Sometimes even on the legs. This can cause people to be very self-conscious of their bodies. In terms of age, teenagers have a better chance of getting over stretch marks than the average adult. They have a greater possibility that the marks will be gone over time. Stretch marks for adults can improve but adults don’t have the luxury of youth as the teens have.. Stretch marks on adults will fade over time, but they won’t vanish completely.

It is always best to try to prevent them by avoiding rapid weight gain or body changes. However, if you already got them, it is best to treat them as soon as possible. Common sense tells us that the faster you treat them, the better they will heal. Though, if they have been there for a while, some products may help to lighten them or help them fade; perhaps a cream with a retinoid such as Retin A, Renova, Tazorac or Differin. The collagen and elastin production of the skin can be increased by retinoid. However, ladies who are pregnant cannot use products that contain retinoid..

Pregnant woman might feel a burning or itching sensation on their skin during pregnancy, especially the last three months. This is caused by the skin being dry. To avoid the skin getting dried out, avoid hot baths or showers and put on some moisturizing creams when your skin is still damp. Never ever scratch! This causes more damage! It is suggested that you keep a bottle of lotion in your fridge to help cool down and moisturize the skin. Moisturizing with cocoa butter, shea butter or tea tree oil has been recommended by several women.

Keep hydrated by drinking lots of water, moisturize and exercise to prevent and help fade these scars of life.

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Stretch Marks: Embarrassing and Aggravating