Supplements – This Article May Change Your Life

By David Frank

MEMORY LOSS: Research has revealed TWO well established drugs. One is associated with a 50% reduction in the risk of developing Altzheimer’s disease and dementia, eliminating the need for residential care. This drug was authorised for a totally different health problem but, subject to certain conditions, is available on prescription now.

Even more exciting are the results of a recent Phase II clinical trial in the U.K. A medication which has been in use for over 100 Years is reported to have achieved an 80%+ reduction in the development of Altzheimer’s over a 12 month period.

DEPRESSION: A drug originally prescribed for depression is now being prescribed to help people stop smoking. In addition, research has shown it can help people suffering with ADHD, help with sexual dysfunction, and can also help obese women to lose weight.

ARTHRITIS: Millions of people take supplements to relieve joint pain. However recent research has revealed an inexpensive non-prescription supplement that in small trials was more than 3-times more effective than glucosamine and chondroiten in reducing pain.

WEIGHT LOSS: A small 22 week study reveals: ” a weight loss of 8 kg (10.5%) and a BMI reduction of almost 3 makes this non-prescription product superior to the prescription drugs. Weight loss of 5%–10% of initial body weight reduces cardiovascular and metabolic health risks associated with obesity.”…”All subjects had similar diet and exercise profiles and diet was recorded before and at the end of the study.” ….

MEN’S HEALTH: The FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) has accepted a new drug for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. Its main benefit is that clinical studies have shown it to work in as little as 15 minutes after being taken. This is around twice as fast as other current treatments

So, why don’t you know about these things?

Doctors don’t have time (or are not authorised) to tell you and persuasive claims are often made about the alleged benefits of health supplements and pharmaceuticals, but rarely are you given the underlying research on which, often exaggerated, stories are based.

It is is alarming how unsuspecting consumers are persuaded by advertisers to take pills every day products – often without providing any verifiable evidence of benefits.

GINKO BILOBA: Are you wasting your money? In many parts of the world this herbal product is prescribed to preserve memory, but there’s no certainty that it works and you may be building false hopes.

Testimonials in advertisements are not PROOF and considering the price you pay for health products and the trust you put in your health professionals it is well worth reading the published research before you buy, if only to learn about the risks you may be taking. Many pills we take – including those on prescription – can have serious and sometimes life-threatening consequences when taken with other medications and supplements – and even certain foods. Grapefruit is just one example.

FOLIC ACID, VITAMIN E, CARNITINE: Which vitamins, under what circumstances and in what strength should you take them? There ARE risks: research has shown that some popular supplements – far from being good for you – are actually associated with an earlier death than people who have not been taking them.

Most of us are not nutrition experts and we tend to take health supplement advertisements at face value. Consumers are protected against false claims, but advertisements rarely make claims: instead they persuade by suggestion, implication, what people “say” – and play on anxieties and fear of the unknown. What do you really know about the supplements and drugs you and your family take? You can’t trust the the advertisements and you can’t trust what you hear from friends – most of whom who don’t know the facts either. And your doctor may not have time to talk you through.

Original published research findings of human trials and independent, authoritative comment are available: the benefits, the risks, and whether the pills in your bathroom cabinet are right for you and your family. Without this information it is often difficult to avoid being persuaded by advertisers’ enthusiasm which may only tell you a part of the story. After all, people who advertise pills are mainly interested in selling.

With a little research it is EASY to find the truth behind the hype. You will be amazed at what you can learn. Armed with the FACTS you can talk to your healthcare provider and make considered decisions about the benefits and risks before you make them a part of your daily routine.

Don’t take pills that may not work! Check the science and make an informed decision. With a simple research guide you can find the facts beneath the hype.Just click a button to find the underlying research. Essential reading to protect you and your family.
Written by David Frank Research

Supplements   This Article May Change Your Life