The Amazing Health Benefits Of Aci-Berry

By James Brown

Acai berry seems to be in the news frequently nowadays; so what’s the big deal? Is it hype or are there real health benefits from adding this natural nutritional supplement to your daily routine?

Acai berry is actually a fruit from Acai Palms in the Brazilian Rainforest. It is a tiny fruit even smaller than a grape. The color is a deep purple and the fruit contains a large seed covered by a bit of pulp. The seeds are inedible.

Even though this amazing berry is very small it is a powerful nutritional supplement. There does not seem to be anything similar available as a supplement. This fruit is rich in antioxidants and amino acids; actually, this berry has 10 times the antioxidant than that of red grapes and doubles that of blueberries. Some folks even describe this supplement as a “Superfood”. Although there are some wild claims that this berry cures every disease imaginable, those claims are beyond misleading. However, the antioxidant property of the fruit goes a long way in the fight against inflammation.

Surprisingly, the acai berry is almost 50% omega 3 unsaturated fats. Almost 8% of the weight of this fruit is amino acids. Amino acids are the basic structure of protein. A whopping 8 grams of protein is contained in 100 grams of this supplement. Also, note that this berry contains three plant sterols and these plant sterols are noted to have health benefits relative to healthy hearts and healthy digestive systems. Not only that they contain Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C and E. That would be as much Vitamin C as blueberries. Then there is potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, and zinc. Who would think that such a tiny fruit could contain such powerful ingredients?

That is not the last of good things involved with the acai berry. In addition to all the other good things listed above, it contains at least 14 grams of fiber for each 100 grams of freeze dried or dehydrated powder. Last, but not lest it tastes good too!

Since the acai berry is only found in the deep forests of Brazil, how can you obtain them at their very best without traveling thousands miles to gain their health benefits? The berry is small, perishable, and can not survive more than a day after picking from the trees where they grow. However, the fruit can be frozen or dehydrated and made into a powder or it can also be freeze-dried. These options can now be made into capsules so that the supplement is available in very concentrated form. This is where research is a must. In order to gets the very best supplement containing the acai berry one must do extensive research to be sure that the supplement you are purchasing contains the very highest quality ingredients.

This is what we know now – who knows what further research will show for this awesome little fruit. Stay tuned for further developments. The decision whether or not to add this supplement is entirely up to the individual. Know your body and add supplements that you feel will enhance your lifestyle and your good health.

James Brown is retired from the United States Air Force and is passionate about matters relating to health and fitness. James does research in the areas of nutritional supplements as it relates to acai berry. Suggest you obtain additional information on the health benefits of acai berry by going to:=>Best Acai Berry Supplement

The Amazing Health Benefits Of Aci Berry