The Benefits of Outdoor Fitness Workouts

I’m going to describe the ultimate sixty minute boot camp workoutwhich we frequently use with our clients. We usually break the session into four sections. The first quarter of the session is the dynamic warm up which is followed by a circuit training 0. We follow this by a fifteen minute running 0 and usually end the session with a relaxing series of stretches.

In the dynamic flexibility 0 our aim is to get each member warmed up effectively thereby minimizing their chance of injury in the session. We start with a 200 metre jog and then split into small groups to perform different running, jumping, hopping and stretching routines. The intensity is increased as the participants get warmer and we frequently complete this portion of the session with some plyometric drills.

Now everyone is nice and warmed up we put them through a series of circuit stations. We frequently group six-eight workouts together and get people to perform each exercise for 30-45 seconds before moving onto the next exercise. In this 0 we utilise body weight workouts such as push ups, squats and lunges. We also use basic fitness equipment such as kettle bells, medicine balls, exercise bands and body blades. The variety of exercises that could be selected is limitless but this is frequently the toughest part of the session.

The next part of the session is the running or interval session. Some people find this very tough as it pushes their cardiovascular system to the maximum. We usually set up two running drills in this part of the session with half the group carrying out the initial drill and the other half carrying out the second. They obviously swap midway through the 0 to make sure they can complete both tasks. We try and include short intense sprinting drills like repeated metre sprints with brief rest periods. But the main focus in this running 0 is longer running drills which can be very demanding. For example we’ll set up a 300 metre track and get them to sprint around the track five or six times with less than a minute between intervals.

By this stage the clients are usually exhausted and we finish the session with a specific cool down and stretch. We get the group to gently jog for around two minutes to help rid the muscles of some of the accumulated lactic acid. We follow this with a static stretch of all of the key muscle groups in the body while encouraging the clients to emphasis on their breathing and recovery.

We find that two or three of these sessions each week bring about terrific results in our clients. Their fitness improves significantly and they usually drop a number of pounds in weight also. Try using the suggestions in this brief article to create a workout similar to this for yourself. I guarantee you will be pleased with the results.

The Benefits of Outdoor Fitness Workouts