The Best Abdominal Exercises For Women

By Jon Allo

The best abdominal workouts for women call for a mixture of strength training for your stomach muscles and aerobic exercise. Many people think that the best workout for abs are sit-ups or crunches. This is only partly true. If you just do these abdominal exercises you may well get strong abdominal muscles, but if you’re trying to lose fat, they will not get a flat stomach because belly fat sits on top of your abdominal muscles.

Standard crunches are done by lying down on your back with your heels flat on the floor and your knees shoulder with apart. You position your hands at the rear of your head and raise the upper part of your body using just your stomach muscles.

One of the best ab workouts for women when doing crunches are ones that focus on the lower part of your abdomen. For these, you lie on your back, cross your ankles, and lift your legs six inches from the floor. This will work the lower portion of your abs. This is the part of the abdomen that is often most troublesome for women.

The Best Ab Workouts For Women: Pilates and Isometric.

Pilates is a different style of workout that delivers good ab exercises for women. It focuses on the abdominal muscles and these belly fat workout routines will help you to have improved posture, burn more fat and have strong ab muscles. You’ll also find that you have a taller frame which also makes you look more lean.

The best ab workout for home are isometric exercises because you can do them at any time. To perform these you just stand or sit and pull in your abdominal muscles for 10 seconds at a time. When you repeat this, it is like doing stomach crunches without the need of lying down on the floor.

The Best Ab Workouts For Women: Aerobic and Resistance.

When it comes to the best ab workouts for women, don’t forget to do aerobic exercises. These are exercises that are designed to condition the heart and lungs. But they also use up fat stores all over the body for energy. That means you’ll burn fat when you participate in them. Try walking, jogging, swimming, or aerobics classes to help burn more fat. While can’t choose where the fat will be burned from, you can be sure that eventually it will be taken from your belly.

Some women can be unsure regarding working out with weights because they do not want to develop big muscles.But because muscles burn more calories, resistance or strength training can provide one of the best ab workouts for women. The best way to burn fat with resistance training and to avoid building big muscles is to do a combination of exercises that work your whole body. Concentrate on training the largest muscle groups like the legs, back, and chest. That is what stimulates the fat burning hormones in your body that will lose that layer of fat sitting over your abdominal muscles.

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The Best Abdominal Exercises For Women