The Best Way to Gain Muscle Mass

What is the best way to gain muscle mass? Well that depends upon if you want to gain muscle without body fat or simply gain as much muscle as possible. To be honest, there really isn’t a “best way”, but some approaches are better than others. The best way in my opinion is by adding muscle while staying somewhat lean. We will discuss the best strategy to accomplish that in this article.
best way to gain muscle

So, No Best Way to Gain Muscle?

Let’s talk about gaining muscle in a way that enhances appearance. To do this, we will need to increase mass, without adding body fat. The best way to do this is to lift with a high volume of sets and reps, while eating a modest amount of calories.

Gain Muscle While Eating a Low Calorie Diet?

Yes, the most effective approach to building muscle is from training and not from eating. I realize that the health and fitness magazines would have you believe differently, but remember their income comes from selling supplements. If they were really trying to help people their message would be to train more.

Train More, Don’t Eat More!

You can’t eat your way to large muscles. You can eat your way to a larger body, but a lot of that will be body fat instead of lean muscle. All of that fat will eventually have to be lost and losing weight isn’t fun. The best approach is to simply not gain that fat to begin with. So don’t stress out about eating all of the time. Your body adds muscle to compensate for the resistance imposed on those muscles, not by an increase in calories.

If You Have Body Fat to Lose

If you want to gain muscle and are already a bit chubby, then it makes sense to lose a lot of that body fat while maintaining muscle mass. What you will want to do is focus on strength training in the 3-5 rep range while adding in a lot of cardio and intervals to drop body fat. Once you have a respectable body fat percentage, then go for a full-blown muscle mass building workout.

Here’s A Simple Way to Gain Muscle

Spend a few months lifting in the 6-15 rep range to increase the volume within the muscle cells (sarcoplasmic hypertrophy). After that, spend another few months lifting in the lower rep range to increase strength and muscle density (myofibrillar hypertrophy). This is the best way to gain muscle if you want that muscle to look great on your physique.

best way to gain muscle