The MicroWick Microfiber Yoga Towel – A Fantastic High Quality Towel for a Great Cost

This microfiber towel will certainly change your life!<br><br>An outrageous claim for sure, considering we're talking about a towel, but isn't it remarkable when you discover a top quality product that's economical and enhances your daily life?<br><br>When I load my bag for the health club, whether for weightlifting or an exercise class like yoga, I constantly bring a towel with me. Typically it's just a regular cotton bath towel. It takes up a great deal of space. In truth, I have to bring a bigger bag just to fit my towel. It's such a pain to deal with the wet towel afterwards. Not only is it wet and soaks up the rest of my gym bag, but it's heavy! Lugging around that gym bag was the bane of my existence. A friend informed me how she had the ability to minimize the size of her gym bag, address the heavy wet towel issue and discover a world of possibilities with microfiber towels. I was fascinated.<br><br>Browse anything online and Amazon usually shows up within the very first couple of page recommendations. Since Amazon offers a Thirty Day cash back guarantee on all their products I figured this would be the very best place to try out a microfiber towel. What a clever decision. I found a great quality towel for a great price. Even better was the remarkable follow-up that guaranteed I received my product as well as provided me suggestions on ways to keep it for several years of usage.<br><br>Not only that, but they educated me on the several usages for the towel beyond the health club and I'm happy to report that this little towel has not only made a place in my gym bag, but I got a few more for the kids, to take a trip with, and to use outdoors.<br><br>There are some new products you purchase that you want the whole world to know about, this is one of them. So if you're searching for a small, compact towel that dries rapidly to bring with you for your activities then I invite you to click the link listed below and order yours today and discover the awesomeness that is this microfiber towel. If you do try it, let me know what you think. I'm sure you'll be as impressed as I remain to be.<br><br><img src=”” border=”0″><br><br>THROW AWAY THAT BIG, BULKY, GERM-FILLED TOWEL !!! <br><br>&bull; Are you carrying around wet cotton towels that stink up the rest of your bag?<br>&bull; Do you want a towel that's extremely absorbent, dries rapidly AND conserves cash on laundry costs?<br>&bull; Are you searching for a towel that's compact and great for several usages?<br><br>The MicroWick microfiber towel is EXACTLY what you need! <br><br>&bull; This extremely absorbent towel soaks up 7 times its weight and wrings out 90 % dry<br>&bull; Uses up 87 % less space and is 60 % lighter than regular cotton towels<br>&bull; Dries even when folded, getting rid of time for mold and bacteria to grow and produce odors<br>&bull; Soft enough for baby's skin (hypoallergenic), lint free and great for a variety of usages – beach, travel, sports, health club, yoga/pilates, camping, hair, etc Only leading grade materials go into producing our towels, making use of the most advanced technology, production equipment and professional production team. &bull; Convenient hanging loop for a variety of drying choices<br>&bull; A little bigger than a standard bath towel Your purchase is RISK FREE. MicroWick offers a 1 year service warranty on all our towels.If for any reason you are not satisfied, return your towel for a hassle-free refund or replacement. Click Add to Cart NOW. We can not offer this incredible deal for long – so purchase TWO.<br><br><a href=”” target=’_blank’>Click this link for more on this microfiber towel product</a>

The MicroWick Microfiber Yoga Towel   A Fantastic High Quality Towel for a Great Cost