The Reasons Why Drug And Alcohol Abuse Relapse Takes Place

For most people who are addicted to alcohol or drugs, defeating their addiction can be difficult. In general, an individual who abuses substances acquires behavioral and physical dependence. This dependency includes being used to ingesting the substance regularly. Because of this, factors like insufficient support, an addict’s environment and withdrawal symptoms can cause relapses.

Substance abuse relapse can happen instantly as an addict goes through uncomfortable or painful withdrawal symptoms. While an addict may be interested to stop his habit he may not be ready to withstand the effects when he does so. According to many addiction recovery specialists, depending on what kind of substances an individual is addicted to, it is likely that he experiences symptoms like vomiting, muscle cramps and headaches.

A person’s environment may also trigger drug and alcohol abuse relapse. Certainly, it is not easy for a person who is dependent on alcohol to go to bars and avoid consuming alcohol. Likewise, drug addicts will find it hard to stay in a place where medications are readily available without trying to experience the high feeling. This means that in most instances, addicts who are in the process of recovery should live in a new environment and leave all their previous connections behind.

It is likely for a person to be able to avoid harmful places and people. But, as he feels bored, he can abuse medicines or alcohol again. As people cure their addiction, they have to consider their idle times as their enemies. When recovering addicts have nothing to do during these times, they tend to remember the days when they over used substances or start to think of doing the act again.

Moreover, when recovering addicts do not have the support of their family and friends or tend to deny any support, substance abuse is possible to occur. Usually, loved ones of addicts give support with good intentions. But, beating substance abuse can be an issue that demands professional oversight. A lot of people do not recognize this reality while some addicts do not even accept the support of their family members.

Many addiction treatment specialists say that the false ideas of people about control can be harmful. Some people may have the thought that they already overcome their addiction. While they may be able to avoid ingesting the substance for a particular period of time, a relapse is still possible when they decide to consume the substance moderately.

Drug and alcohol abuse relapse can take place when the person is exposed to triggers, thus recovering addicts need to make some changes in his lifestyle to ensure that they will not be persuaded to use drugs or alcohol again after their treatment.

The Reasons Why Drug And Alcohol Abuse Relapse Takes Place