The Right Way To Cure Back Pains Without Surgery

Majority of cases of back pain can resolve by itself and only few people who suffer from lower back pain will need surgery. Non-surgical therapies for back pain are great for conditions which aren’t very serious and not caused by certain tumors or bacterial infections.

Low back pains are often due to too much stress on the spine, incorrect positioning of a person’s vertebrate, issues on the tendons of the spine, degenerative disc, infection of the vertebrae along with other spinal concerns. The symptoms for each problem differ based on the severity of the condition. To correctly treat lower back pains you must identify the cause of the discomfort. In most situations lower back pains can be simply treated in your home but for chronic conditions a trained professional may be required.

An individual who is suffering from low back pain and does not want to go through operation can opt for non-surgical remedies. Unless the person has serious pain because of a lower back malformation, tumor or infection, this type of therapy is often beneficial. Here are examples of non-surgical remedies that will aid people who are suffering from lower back pains.

Pain Medicine

Pain medications that are typically prescribed to patients with lower back pain include NSAIDs, acetaminophen, narcotic drugs, oral steroids, anti-depressants and muscle relaxants. Each of these medicines has limitations, benefits and risks and the particular problem of a patient in the back and his general health will identify the kind of pain reliever to be used.


This is a relaxing treatment for low back pain. This procedure is based on the theory that pain is caused by a disturbed energy that flows into the meridian. This is performed by inserting a thin needle into the skin within the painful area in order to fix the energy flow and remove the pain.

Chiropractic Treatment

To get the maximum effect of this therapy, the patient should undergo it for two months. This is performed by realigning the spine and increasing the muscle motion in the lower back in order to enhance the flexibility of the person’s spinal tissues. This therapy is also good at relieving pain as it breaks down the scar tissues and reduces the pressure that’s produced because of a spinal cord misalignment.

Physical Therapy

Many physical therapists give a mixture of active and passive treatments for the patients to gain better outcomes. Exercise is very essential if you need a long term improvement for a low back pain. An active treatment may require the patient to participate in simple exercises which include aerobic, stretching as well as other strength building activities. The passive therapy may include electrical stimulation, heat and cold treatment, massage and ultrasound. There are many non surgical therapies for lower back but most people choose the less expensive and efficient physical rehabilitation. This method is done by stretching out the spinal muscles whether mechanically or by hand to relieve the pain. The advancement of technology has made the process even more efficient with the breakthrough of non-surgical spinal decompression. This procedure is widely used throughout the globe due to its effectiveness.

Ice Therapy

In case your lower back pains are due to temporary stress on the back muscles, it’s sometimes possible to alleviate the discomfort by tapping it with ice. A simple cold compress can alleviate the pain. You may utilize a plastic-type bag with smashed ice and wrap it with a small towel. Put it to use directly to the region where the pain is felt. The cold temperature will help minimize the swelling of the muscles which are strained that cause the minor pains on your spine. This will also give relief by lowering the pressure of the muscles in the lumbar spine.

While it’s possible to treat minor pains in the lower back in your house it is still very important to consult a physician or chiropractors about it. This will ensure you that you will receive the suitable therapy for your ailment.

The Right Way To Cure Back Pains Without Surgery