Therapy Using Mini Trampolines For Special Needs Kids

Fun is one word which is used to describe workouts that are done on mini trampolines. Great is one word which these people use to describe how they feel after a good rebounding session. There is a wide extent of benefits resulting from mini trampoline workouts, including higher fitness levels, to lower levels of anxiety. If you’re looking for a fun workout that has a low effect on your joints and will provide you with health benefits you need, rebounding on a mini trampoline is definitely for you.

That being said, what you may not know about the mini trampoline is that the results go far beyond everyday health and wellness. There is a whole community of special needs children and their families who are seeing incredible improvements in daily function and ability, not to mention quality of life, after being introduced to the therapeutic benefits of mini trampolines. These children are experiencing increases in muscle tone, stability, balance, and stamina, just to name a few. While it may be hard to believe all of this is happening with some routine bouncing on a mini trampoline, it’s true! The physical transformations are absolutely incredible, and they are merely the tip of the iceberg.

Mini trampoline therapy for special needs children is something worth considering for every family on the spectrum of disability. Aside from the apparent impact on lifestyle and wellness, there are so many possible advancements in psychological, physiological and sensory skill sets. Regular rebounding has been shown to increase self-confidence, independence, self-esteem and a child’s sense of achievement. Any parent with a child who has special needs knows that even the slightest increase in this area can be a major stepping stone.

The changes in a child?s physiology are amazing, as well as changes in physical and psychological aspects of their lives. Improvements in eye contact, special awareness, and perception are also seen with this therapy. While these are normal areas of development for most, they are often troublesome areas for those who may be blind, deaf, or diagnosed with chromosome disorders, cerebral palsy or autism. Specifically, children on the autism spectrum have shown especially noticeable improvement with regular mini trampoline therapy. Children with autism have been known to show the most cast improvement with mini trampoline therapy. While bouncing, these types of children have been known to gain sensory skills because of the gaps between bounces, which allow for signals to be received. These numerous positive changes not only affect the child, but the entire family dynamic and quality of life improve as well.

Mini trampolines will serve as an great tool to be used with children with special needs, and can improve therapy significantly. The look on a child’s face as he experiences the joy of jumping and the pure freedom of bouncing are worth more than we could ever imagine.

Therapy Using Mini Trampolines For Special Needs Kids