Total Wellness Cleanse

By Bryan Jones

Today’s article is about a serious problem facing our modern society. The problem making millions of people of all walks of life feel like junk, making them unhappy, worn down, sick and tired. This problem is systemic and is taught from one generation to the next with each passing it on as though it were some kind of divine order for conduct. It oppresses us and makes our children just as bad off as us and sets them up to make their children worse. There is a lot of stuff written and a lot of programs designed to deal with this and nearly all of them are futile. They are useless because they are passed off as something temporary to solve a lifelong problem even though they profess to help you make lasting change. It’s all false, done to sell products and make you feel good for a short period of time. I am talking about your desire to eat, what you choose to eat, how much you eat, how everything you have been taught about food is absolutely wrong and how the only thing you can do is have a real paradigm shift.

I know it will be hard, you know it will be hard, because you have to be different and people have a hard time with that. They have a hard time really admitting what they are doing is wrong, what their parents taught them is wrong and what is literally all around them is wrong. It’s human nature and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s something to be aware of and something to be dealt with. It is something we all have to be aware of and learn how to change, learn to admit it to others and be profoundly motivated to change it. It is something to be educated about.

Second, It’s not your fault. At least not totally. You never learned what you needed to know. You may have had this feeling something should be different. When you saw those new fad diet commercials or the books on weight loss, the ads on the internet or the latest celebrity fat loss story you thought about the issue but only fleetingly. In the last 100 years man has been through a system of misinformation about how to eat healthy because he transitioned from eating to survive to surviving to eat. Eating turned into an afterthought because of the industrial revolution and generations of us have had so much access to so much bad food that is actually all around us. It’s not your fault but you do need to do something about it and now that you know it IS YOUR RESONSIBILITY to do it!

Third, You can do something about it. You most definitely can fix this. You can learn and change and you have all the power you could ever need to do it and do it well. You can learn about what to eat, what not to eat and you can learn how much to eat. You can learn about how sugar is one of the most toxic things you can consume. You can learn how high fructose corn syrup has led to a diabetes and fat person epidemic over the last 50 years. You can understand that you have to change your circumstances, what you do, where you go and how you do it. You can understand that you have to do something different during times when you are used to eating, you know, when you shouldn’t.

The human body is designed to be fed when it needs ingredients to make energy, store fat or build muscle. Our society in general simply consumes way more calories than we can ever use especially if we aren’t very physically active, at all, like most people. The only way I know of to really change this path, to have a paradigm shift, is to wipe it all out with a Total Body Cleanse, a Total Wellness Cleanse. Meaning you start with a body cleanse diet that will rid your cells, muscles, blood stream and intestines of all the poisons killing your mood and energy. Once you figure out the impact this has on you, it will change your life forever!

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Total Wellness Cleanse