Treating Gynecomastia Effectively

Are your breasts enlarged when they are not supposed to be because of your male gender? If so, you’re not alone as 60% of men experience augmentation of their breasts at one time or another. This is a condition which is termed as gynecomastia. It pertains only on males because this is a condition that is seen among the male species when it’s not supposed to. Literally, gynecomastia means female breasts. Gyne represents female, while mastia means breast.

Many men are understandably embarrassed on having this specific condition unlike girls that will even flaunt having big breasts. If you are having (or suffering) from enlarged breasts, there’s no need to worry too much on it because there are various kinds of remedies for your situation.

Gynecomastia is caused by various aspects. And teens are the ones who usually experience this kind of condition. The imbalance of hormones in the human body is the main reason for gynecomastia during the pubertal age. During the hormonal imbalance, there’s a greater amount of estrogen (a woman hormone) than androgen (male gender hormone). And with this greater amount of estrogen than androgen, the breasts become big. If gynecomastia takes place during pubertal years, the condition will go away by itself in around 1 or 2 years. So you can just wait it out if you are still in your teen years.

After puberty, one’s hormones should have already mellowed down and balanced out. But if your hormones stay unbalanced, then that could be the most likely reason behind your breasts to grow. So what could be the causes for imbalanced hormones besides puberty? There are many reasons and one of which is overproduction of the feminine hormone, estrogen. This estrogen overproduction can be caused by particular type of tumors in the testicles or adrenals. It could also be due to estrogen treatment for prostate cancer. It can also be caused by insufficient production of androgen such as in hypogonadism, or the nonsensitivity of the body to androgen. Other causes for increase amount of estrogen in the body are medicines (estrogen and Isoniazid, and others), alcohol, kidney failure, diabetes, liver cirrhosis, as well as hyperthyroidism.

Gynecomastia also resembles very closely to another ailment that’s termed pseudo-gynecomastia. The real difference between pseudo-gynecomastia and gynecomastia is that breast enhancement in the former illness is due to the existence of excessive amounts of fats, while the latter is breast glandular tissue. So those individuals who are overweight and have big breasts can expect that fat cells is the reason for their enlarged breasts.

Now for the treatment of enlarged breasts, there are numerous kinds – from non-invasive to surgical procedure. As mentioned earlier, if you’re still in your pubertal age, this condition will just pass away on its own without any intervention. If it isn’t related to puberty, the first thing that should be done is to determine the cause of the condition. From there, augmentation of the breasts can be cured properly according to the cause. For example, if your breast augmentation is due to hyperthyroidism, then you certainly need to be treated for your hyperthyroidism first in order to remedy your enlarged breasts. If you drink alcohol, specific medicines or illegal drugs, you might thus want to stop having or utilizing them or replacing your current medicines with something else so that your breasts will no longer stay large.

Other remedies that are also non-invasive are exercises such as pushups, pullovers, dips, as well as chest presses. These exercises work on the muscles of your chest and defines how your chest appears. However, exercises won’t completely cure gynecomastia. Medications are another solution for you including tamoxifen and clomiphene. You can also consider naturopathic or herbal treatments as there are some of them which can also cure gynecomastia.

Surgery may be your final option for curing gynecomastia. Surgery will only be considered, though, after some time has passed and the breasts have not reduced in size. You also have different options for surgery treatment of enlarged breasts. These surgical options include lipectomy, endoscopic, and breast reduction. The surgeries primarily involve removal of fatty and glandular tissue.

After undergoing a surgical procedure, obviously, you must stop the factors which caused you to have bigger breast in the first place, if possible.

Treating Gynecomastia Effectively