Unravelling High Cholesterol Medicine’s Side Effects

By Patrick Howard

If you own a TV, especially if you’re a big fan of “Jeopardy,” you’re highly likely to have been exposed to the virtues of popular high cholesterol drug Lipitor. The Pfizer drug is a keen sponsor of the beloved game show. It’s a clever ploy to target Baby Boomers (incidentally, the show’s primary audience demographic and Lipitor’s target market). Before going into the reasons why you should proceed with caution concerning Lipitor, it’s best to discuss what high cholesterol is and why it should be controlled.

Cholesterol can be found in human arteries. This fat-like matter is needed by the human body for survival. There are two kinds of cholesterol, one is the good cholesterol and the other is known as the bad cholesterol. When bad cholesterols begin to build up, the turn into fat content that is too high for the arteries, resulting to the hardening of fats and clogging the blood’s passages. It can be compared to getting all the fats of a turkey or bacon, putting it in a cup, leave it and after sometime in the day when you go and check it, the collected fats all hardened up. This is exactly the same thing that is happening inside the human body. Heart attack and stroke are some of the results of clogged arteries and this is the picture where the drug Lipitor comes in. The drug helps the body by reducing the cholesterol in it. Such process is not as simple as said. The said medicine does do a great job of what it is for but it has its side effects.

The list of known Lipitor side effects is quite long, with items ranging from mild (like indigestion and constipation) to very severe (such as muscle damage, angina, and hemorrhage). Research has conclusively shown that people who took Lipitor for a length of time began to experience symptoms very much similar to ALS, more commonly known as Lou Gherig’s disease. In a couple of year’s time, muscular degeneration took place.

These Lipitor side effects are so serious that many health experts are raising questions about the risks the drug poses; are they outweighed by the benefits that it brings? Many are doubtful, especially since it has not been conclusively proven that cholesterol is as dangerous as its bad rap makes it out to be. In case it is actually not, then running the risk of severe muscle damage is completely unwarranted. Studies on the Greek island of Crete have shown that high cholesterol levels are characteristic of its population and yet cases of heart attack are practically unheard of. This makes you wonder.

So when your cholesterol level is high, there are a lot of more effective naturals ways of lowering it, thus producing no side effects. One way is to have a daily exercise.

Cholesterol, bad ones, is a threat to health. Lipitor is the trusted drug that combats bad cholesterols but research stated that the drug has side effects. Be aware of Lipitor Side Effects, get the information here.

Unravelling High Cholesterol Medicines Side Effects