Weight Lifting Straps – Top Quality, Neoprene Padded Lifting Straps Truly Get Bigger

Sturdy thick gauge 100% cotton straps for strength and durability<br>High quality hand made by professional crafts men<br>Lifting straps improve power and control<br>Additional length – great to wrap around a bar many times<br>Neoprene wrist padding permits a comfy and stronger lift<br>Striking Elite Body Squad logo design on back<br>Never drop a slippery or heavy bar again<br><br><img src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51lMtzWu9KL._SL160_.jpg” border=”0″><br><br>I started weight raising a year ago and as time progressed so did the loads that I was raising. My strength enhanced during this time nearly everywhere, particularly in my arms and shoulders. However one thing that always held me back was my forearm muscles. When doing any pulling type actions such as rowing, shrugs, chins or dead lifts etc I was very limited by my weak lower arm muscles.<br><br>It felt that I could not get any stronger with the larger muscles because of a weak point in the lower arms. For this reason I feel that my development started to slow down. An additional trouble that I had was that whenever I did sessions that utilized my arms to drag anything , my forearms would balloon right up, leaving me in real pain and likewise nearly not able to hold a bar of any kind.<br><br>An additional concern I had was that my hands were starting to get very painful from the sliding of the knurled bars of weights and dumbbells I was working out with. If I started to sweat, this made the issue much worse as handles would slide more. With heavy weights this isn't wonderful and potentially very unsafe. I was concentrating more on not letting go of the grips than I was on the muscles I was attempting to hit.<br><br>I was talking with a guy at the health club who recommended that I have a go with weight lifting straps to assist me work around the issue.<br><br>So I checked out Amazon for some options and found some from Elite Body Squad which were very strong and had some padding around the wrists plus they were longer than the majority of other brands on the marketplace. I didn't get the least expensive pair I could get however chose some that appeared to be better quality compared to others. I'm very happy with the lifting straps I bought. They feel very high quality and have molded perfectly to the shape of my wrists and make my workouts far more efficient. Now I can raise more weight and because of this I am starting to grow bigger. I would absolutely endorse them.<br><br>I like the option that Amazon have a 100% refund policy so if you're not completely happy with what you've been sent, you can merely request a full refund!<br><br><a href=”http://www.amazon.co.uk/Weight-Lifting-Straps-Bodybuilding-Satisfaction/dp/B00GQVP2SC” target=’_blank’>Get yours now at amazon.co.uk/Weight-Lifting-Straps-Bodybuilding-Satisfaction/dp/B00GQVP2SC/weight lifting straps/</a>

Weight Lifting Straps   Top Quality, Neoprene Padded Lifting Straps Truly Get Bigger