What Are The Various Dangerous Effects Of Using A Narcotic Pain Killer?

Usually, pain killer is regarded as the common medicine given by doctors in treating pain. Vicodin is a type of medicine that can relieve mild to serious pain. Most doctors often used this type of medicine to any person right after surgery to reduce pain. People who are struggling with joint pains are also using this pill. This kind of drug is a mixture of either hydrocodone and acetaminophen and very powerful in managing pain. But those who are taking this pill have to understand that pain killer can lead to craving. If a person quits consuming pain killer like Vicodin, he may encounter withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal symptoms are very alarming and difficult to avoid. An individual could talk with his physician to reduce the dosage of the drug to minimize the withdrawal symptoms that he encountered.

There are many effects from vicodin like sleepiness, dry mouth, and anxiousness, ringing in the ears, bowel problems, vomiting, nausea, stomach upset, mood changes and headache. These are common side effects that an individual could feel when taking this drug. If these bad effects affect a person, he can right away go to the doctor about his condition.

This pain killer called vicodin can also cause intense negative effects. The serious negative effects may involve slow heartbeat, shallow breathing, seizures, urination difficulty, and jaundice, loss of appetite, clay-colored stools, hallucinations, anxiety, lightheadedness, fainting and unusual feelings. There are also indications of a possible allergic reaction that may involve like facial swelling, difficulty in breathing and hives. Once a person feel allergy while taking this pill, he can immediately go to the nearby hospital or clinic for examination.

Since vicodin is a powerful pain reliever drug, never abuse it or never use more than the recommended amount. If an individual uses this pill more than the prescribed amount, it can result in drug addiction. The addiction to vicodin pill could be dangerous and can lead to death later. Some vicodin side effects when using it in over dosage can cause coma, blue lips, low pulse rate, slow heartbeat, muscle weakness, confusion, paleness, coldness and clammy skin, extreme tiredness, sweating, severe nausea and severe vomiting. There are also pre-existing problems that may stop you from using this medicine to prevent drug addiction. A physician could also adjust the amount in case there are signs of over dosage to the drug.

If a person is sensitive to either acetaminophen or hydrocodone, it is recommended not to use vicodin. There are also several contraindications that a person should not use this medicine like low blood pressure, brain tumor, psychological illness and intestinal disorder. An individual cannot also make use of this drug if he is affected by cancer of the liver and this is not also appropriate to pregnant women.

What Are The Various Dangerous Effects Of Using A Narcotic Pain Killer?