What Causes Female Hair Loss

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Major hair loss is not solely limited to men. Many women will find themselves in the dermatologist’s office trying to eliminate unwanted hair. But it is not uncommon to find just as many women trying to re-grow it! Everybody loses their hair. In reality, the normal person loses around fifty to one hundred hairs per day. Hair loss is as typical in women as it is in men. However major thinning might be the sign of a more serious medical problem that should be carefully looked at by your physician to talk about prospective treatment.

The most common type of hair thinning is androgenic alopecia, a genetic form that can actually be inherited by your mother or father. The problem will start to be more apparent as early as your 20s. Talk with your medical professional before making any assumptions. Simply to be safe, a scalp examination can be performed to establish that the hair loss is inherited. The best solution if it is? Try Rogaine for women, a less strong formula compared to the men’s version. An additional common reason for hair loss in females is Telogen Effluvium. This is a phenomenon that typically happens during times of extraordinary stress (such as pregnancy, radical weight loss, traumatic event, etc.). Hair follicules will literally shift into a “resting phase” and then rapidly move into a shedding phase, causing women to notice the hair loss about 2– 3 months following the stressful event. Talk to your health care provider and in the meantime, try your best to minimize anxiousness and stress levels.

Several of the more serious reasons for hair loss are medical disorders for which treatment should help ease. Hyperthyroidism is an affliction where the thyroid is on full speed and exhibit a plethora of other conditions besides hair loss. Lupus is an autoimmune disease which affects women normally during their childbearing years. Like hyperthyroidism, lupus will exhibit a slew of extra signs like chest pain, sun sensitivity, fatigue, swollen joints, anemia, and a rash on the scalp (which you’ll see as the hair loss worsens). A variety of blood tests can quickly determine whether these more serious conditions are triggering your baldness.

In the case that hair loss is not due to a severe problem, the best thing you can do is make sure you’re taking in the necessary vitamins your hair craves to thrive: iron, protein, biotin, and vitamin B to name just a few. Regardless of what the cause, hair thinning in women is a major pain. Men fuss when their temples start to look a little bare, but let’s be truthful: they look just as dashing with a hairless head as they do with a full head of hair. For females, well, unless you’re GI Jane, it’s a much more challenging look to pull off.

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What Causes Female Hair Loss