Workout Routines For Hectic Corporate Executives

Working with office workers who are really busy calls for a specific skill set. These people along with being really hectic are generally Type A personalities so want quick results with the minimum expenditure of time. Over the years I have developed several express workout programmes that deliver benefits for my clientele which keeps them content and motivated.

I’m going to go over the tips behind the design of these workouts in this post.

One particular thing I learned several years ago was the effectiveness of putting various exercises with each other in a circuit type exercise session with minimal rest periods. Not only does this get the client sweating and feeling like they’ve trained hard but it raises their total work output for the session and naturally raises their metabolism. I use compound exercises such as squats, press ups, deadlifts and pull ups as they involve multiple muscle groups which once again raises the total quantity of calories burnt.

I generally make the circuits comprise of five-six of these kinds of exercises and get the person to perform multiple circuits with under a minutes rest in between circuits.

Yet another strategy I have employed for a lot of years to boost workload and calories burned is interval training. Interval training can be defined as a form of exercise where the participant performs short bursts of intense exercise followed by periods of rest. For instance I get my clients to run as rapidly as they can on the treadmill for 45 seconds and then they are allowed to walk for 75 seconds to recover. Twenty minutes of this kind of exercise session delivers so much better final results than the equivalent time of regular paced running!

This workout works on a bike and a cross trainer but I find it works best on the rower. Most gyms come equipped with some sort of rowing machine. I get clients to build up to ten 200 metre sprints on the rowing machine with only 30 seconds recovery in between bouts.

This kind of training session whilst being exhausting delivers great benefits.
An workout regime that I genuinely like and use with my clients are Kettle bell exercises. These single handled, weighted implement can be employed for a selection of exercises and movement patterns. They come in varying weights and I often use them to work squat patterns, hip thrusts, press ups and power cleans. Because of the nature of kettle bell exercises being explosive it only requires a few of these exercises per session to genuinely get my clients fired up.

The combination of these three suggestions will help you get lean and powerful. Any weight loss programme will no doubt need some nutritional intervention but with that said these exercise tips will help you drop some body fat and gain some lean tissue which is critical if consistent long term weight loss is to be accomplished. Consider including some of these techniques to your own exercise sessions in the up coming handful of weeks and watch the pounds begin to melt away.

Workout Routines For Hectic Corporate Executives