Yamuna Refresh Your Hips Kit

This is Yamuna’s response to spreading her message and strategy to the body to as many individuals as possible. Yamuna wished to spread the word about how easy it is to take care of a lot of structural troubles with her hands-on treatment called Yamuna ® Body Logic. She understood that no matter how many specialists she trained there would still only be a small percentage of people worldwide who would benefit.<br><br>She took all the fundamental theories and practice and equated them to a ball. The ball ends up being the hands of the therapist and the person’s weight develops the traction, movement and release on the ball. The result is exactly what she calls YAMUNA ® BODY ROLLING. This is a very powerful self -fixing and maintaining tool that everybody can do despite his age or physical limitations. YBR ® (the name frequently used) arranges the body bringing all the parts back to working the means they must and can be. The frequently accepted belief that as you get older you get stiffer and lose movement and can no longer do things we used to do is not part of Yamuna’s belief system. She thinks everybody should have the ability to achieve his individual finest at every age.<br><br>In a Yamuna ® Body Rolling course one learns to deal with each part of the body, rolling the proper ball (vis-à-vis size and firmness) from the butts to the calf; from the tail bone up to the head; from the abdomen as much as the collar bone; from the collar bone out to the shoulder joint; and so on. Everywhere you have muscle connecting from one area to the next; this is the path along which Yamuna ® Body Rolling takes you.<br><br>Yamuna ® Body Rolling provides you the ability to “deal with yourself” anytime, anywhere, forever.<br><br>YBR ® is a natural complement to Yoga. Their goals are the exact same – to release the body of restrictions, remove anxiety and stress; creating a calm and well balanced you. YBR ® can be built into any Yoga course, assisting to enhance your practice and avoid injury.<br><br><img src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31Aif6OYmeL._SL110_.jpg” border=”0″><br><br>The Hip Kit releases restrictions and increases the range of motion in your hips in places you didn’t even understand were tight! You will “get into” locations of your hip joints that have been using down over the years without you ever knowing it. This DVD assists you to avoid breakdown in the hip joints and avoid hip replacements if you have worked out hard in your life.<br>* Everybody needs to have this DVD in his/her library of self-care tools. You can feel definitely great and all the unexpected start to feel limited as you get up from sitting. You do not have to accept stiffness in your hips and legs as part of the maturing process!<br><br>What is Body Rolling?<br><br>”Yamuna Body Rolling is a healing self-care practice for body treatment specialists and an instructional tool used by body specialists to empower customers to develop a deeper and more refined relationship with their own bodies.<br><br>Yamuna Body Rolling enhances any sort of body-oriented practice, from massage and physical treatment to bodywork, yoga teaching, physical fitness training, and somatic therapies such as Feldenkrais and Alexander Method. Developed through seventeen years of bodywork practice, Body Rolling is an experiential strategy to learning the language of anatomy.<br><br><a href=”http://www.amazon.com/Yamuna-Save-Your-Hips-Kit/dp/B009H5C9PI” target=’_blank’>Click for more about this Hip Pain product</a>

Yamuna  Refresh Your Hips Kit