Yoga For Beginners – Perfect Guide For Learning Yoga Lifestyle, Therapy & Losing Weight

This Kindle book aspires at developing your life by developing your entire lifestyle.<br><br>Do you contemplate what makes the Yogis and Mystics so serene at heart? The same fundamentals that have worked for innumerous people who've tried to take an equality between health, diet, body, and mind – are all detailed in this ebook! <br><br><br>Chapter 1 will serve as an informal introduction to Yoga. It'll make you understand what it's not and what it actually is. <br><br>Chapter 2 covers the right way to prepare for a Yoga session and also lists the prerequisites for Yoga practice. <br><br>Chapter 3 answers the most frequently asked questions and lists the cautions before getting started with your Yoga practice. <br><br>Chapter 4 explains the potential of Yoga as an alternative therapy, why it's getting widely accepted by most healthcare practitioners in the country, and how it can benefit you as well. <br><br>Chapter 5 embarks you on the journey by laying the foundation stone of your Yoga practice – Pranayama. You will learn about what Pranayama is and why it will prove as an amazing therapy for your health issues. <br><br>Chapter 6 goes further in detail on the topic of Pranayama and teaches you the anatomy of all breathing exercises. There are some cautions mentioned here as well. <br><br>Chapter 7 gets you going by helping you learn and practice the main postures (Asanas) associated with Yoga, so you can use them to do Pranayama. <br><br>Chapter 8 is all about the 3 most effective breathing exercises in Pranayama, their benefits and the right way to do them. <br><br>Chapter 9 focuses on the relationship between Yoga and weight-loss. You'll learn about the important aspects that relate to this concept and tell you about the ideal diet to complement your Yoga practice. <br><br>Chapter 10 lays out the Yogic exercises that will make you shred some pounds and get rid of that excess fat. You'll also learn how to practice all the major Asanas (poses) that are proven to make anyone lose weight. <br><br>Chapter 11 finally makes you realize your primary goal – that is to attain a healthy Yoga Lifestyle – and all the Yoga principles that will make that goal well within your reach. <br><br><br>Yoga isn't just limited to Pranayama, poses, or therapy only. It has a neighboring order with a spirited and active lifestyle along with a harmonious approach to life.<br><br><center><img src=”” border=”0″></center><br><br><center><a href=”” target=’_blank’>Preview book at for beginners/</a></center><br><br>In this all-inclusive Yoga directive for the novice, you'll find: <br><br>&bull; Step-by-step guidance to set you on your own journey with Yoga <br><br>&bull; 3 Pranayama movements that can help you drop fat, treat insomnia and blood pressure, waive chronic ailments, calm your mind and return a healthy equivalence to your life – at the same time!<br><br>&bull; 5 simple Yoga movements that can burn-off more calories than that in a {banana-split|chocolate cake|ice-cream| – within no time!<br><br>&bull; 7 Yogic lifestyle principles that can help you realize the unity and alertness like the Mystics <br><br>&bull; What you aren't aware of WILL hurt you. If you overlook this cautionary information, you'll finish up with more health matters than you already have!

Yoga For Beginners   Perfect Guide For Learning Yoga Lifestyle, Therapy & Losing Weight