Your Core Muscles Are Important

By Penelope Parker

Most likely, if you see a short, stooped figure walking slowly with slow short steps, you will conclude that the person is old. The clue is the hunched posture.

Aging can contort the body but why does this happen? The fact is that we need to stay active. We need to stretch and extend our limbs and neck. If we do not do this, calcium salts can build up in the joints and become calcified. When this happens, immobilization occurs and it is very difficult to reverse.

The best action we can take when we are getting older is to exercise on a regular basis. We must strengthen our core muscles and improve flexibility through stretching. If we do take all of this for granted, it could lead to some more serious health problems.

Core Muscles, What Are Those?

Core muscles are found in the lower back, abdominals, qbliques, and glutes. When these muscle are strong, it is easy to maintain a good posture. These four areas frame the posture of the body.

The core muscles are actually the “core” or center of all the strength the body needs to carry out all the different physical activities it does. If you have a powerful core, you will always have a very stable basis to perform physical activities from.

Core Muscles

The main job of the core muscles is to stabilize the body and give it power so that it can perform all the tasks needed on a daily basis.

Research has shown that having strong core muscles can lessen a lot of problems associated with bad posture. Health and fitness experts realize the benefits of this.

A well conditioned core muscle will give you good posture and you will be able to be on your feet all day without the usual back pain.

Why is this? Well, the core muscles are the ones that stabilize the whole upper and lower torso.

Having a strong stable posture for life is easy if you understand that a strong core is the starting point.

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Your Core Muscles Are Important